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World of Warships – Training Room Bug

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Hello everyone,

With Update the Training Room became available, Wargaming has confirmed this is a bug and it will be fixed with a hotfix. All other regions got the correct version with the Training Room disabled. Pacth Notes

  • Montana: improved its deck armour according to version 0.5.12 (this change was not included in the correct version by mistake).
  • Fixed an issue that caused the music to overlap.
  • Fixed an issue with the modifiers for torpedo planes and bombers’ preparations.
  • Fixed an issue with Omaha’s service cost: now, the service is equal to other Tier V ships.
  • Saipan and Nikolai I: the profitability of these ships has been increased by 7% and 5% respectively.
  • “Big Race” map has been added to Ranked Battles.

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