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Wargaming Fest: British Aircraft Carriers, Soviet Battleships and more

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some very big information from the Wargaming Fest and it’s time to share them with you all!

 “Arms Race” Is Back!

So let’s start with a warmup. As you might remember, in Update 0.7.9 Wargaming temporarily added the new “Arms Race” type of battle. Its format wasn’t much different from Random Battles: we had the same 12 vs. 12 scenarios, along with domination points, 1000 of which earnt would completely destroy your opponents. But the Key Areas in this mode were trickier, appearing in random locations and at different times. Capturing them yielded not just points, but also battle bonuses for the capturing ship and their nearest allies. Some of these bonuses reduced the reload time and others reduced detectability, or even increased HP recovery. This is where the name “Arms Race” originated from, with teams fighting for the competitive advantage provided by these bonuses.

This type of battle returns in early 2019 and will become a part of new Ranked Battles. These battles will take place among teams of six players with Tier IX ships.

This is the first item of news from the developers.

New Aircraft Carrier Rework

Now for the second item of news: the reworked aircraft carriers will be launched in early 2019. We have already informed you about the new concept in detail, and many players have already had the chance of joining the Beta Test of this concept. We are happy to announce that the greater part of the project’s work is already done, and we’d like to thank all test participants for their help and support. As a result of our combined efforts, we’ve managed to put the ship type in order. The gameplay of the reworked aircraft carriers won’t resemble that of real-time strategy anymore. It will be much easier, more exciting, and spectacular. And the ship type itself will be much better balanced in comparison to other ships in the game.

You can pretty much take it as a new ship type, and we strongly recommend that everyone sets themselves to mastering it. Actually, you can even start with a brand new branch. Meet the British aircraft carrier branch!

Tier IV Hermes


The world’s first aircraft carrier of special construction. Despite the fact that she was pretty outdated by the time that World War II began, the ship took an active part in British Navy operations until she was sent to the bottom by Japanese aviation in the Indian Ocean in 1942. In the game, the version of the ship featured will be from that time.

Tier VI Furious


This ship was laid down in 1915 as an ultralight battleship with two 457 mm main guns and 76 mm thick armor. However, multiple changes were implemented in the process of the ship’s construction. Her superstructures and artillery were removed, and eventually, in 1917, an aircraft carrier entered the sea that would have a long history ahead. In the game, the version of the ship featured is as of 1941.

Tier VIII Implacable


The lead ship of a series of heavy aircraft carriers with armored flight decks, aircraft hangars, and an armor belt that was really thick for this class of ships. She entered service in 1944, with very powerful AA armament for her time and a raised speed of 32.5 knots. In the game, the version of the ship featured is as of summer 1945.

Tier X Audacious


One of the last British aircraft carriers laid down during World War II. The ship entered service in 1951 after a series of modernizations, with a different name—Eagle. These ships were the biggest in the history of the British Navy until 2017 when aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth entered service. In the game, you’ll see the ship variant built according to her original plans and blueprints, and with her initial name.

It is still too early to discuss the technical specifications of the new ships, but we already know that one important special feature will be their carpet bombing ability. It will replace the standard way of releasing bombs and enable dealing more damage with them. However, players will need to predict the maneuvers their opponents are going to make in order to be effective.

New Soviet Battleships

And now for something that many have craved, and even vigorously requested. Many of those waiting for this may even have lost hope of seeing their dream come true. Finally, something that was actually missing in World of Warships, but will be added soon—a full-fledged squadron of Soviet battleships.

(Please note: this ship branch is still in development, so images of some of the ships may be not final and some may be missing.)

Tier III Knyaz Suvorov


A project developed by the Chief Marine Engineer of St. Petersburg’s port, Dmitri V. Skvortsov, in 1907.

Tier IV Gangut


A Sevastopol class battleship. She was built at the Admiralty’s Shipyard and entered service in 1914. In the game, the version of the ship featured is as of 1918.

Tier V Pyotr Velikiy


A ship based upon the Project No. 707 battlecruiser, presented at an international contest for designing an armored cruiser for the Baltic Sea by the Putilov Company, in cooperation with a German company.

Tier VI Izmail


A project of battlecruiser Izmail, built in St. Petersburg at the Baltic Shipyard.

Tier VII Sinop


A battleship project developed by the Naval Shipyard in 1917 for the Mediterranean squadron.

Tier VIII Vladivostok


A ship based upon the project of an A-type battleship of CB-4 of the Baltic Shipyard, dated 1936.

Tier IX Sovetsky Soyuz


A battleship of Project 23. The ship was in the process of being laid down before World War II, but her construction was stopped at the outbreak of war. In the game, she will be featured as built and modernized in the mid-40s.

Tier X Kremlin


A battleship of Project 24. She is armored with three triple 406 mm or 457 mm (optional) turrets. The ship is slightly smaller than Großer Kurfürst but has a larger water displacement.

Since the branch is at an early stage of development, it is too early to discuss the ships’ specific unique features. But it is safe to say that the Russian and Soviet battleships will please you, with good armor and relatively big HP pools.

And the final thing: besides the new branch in the Tech Tree, Premium Soviet Tier VIII battleship Lenin is expected in the game soon.


For now, that is all we know. Stay tuned for more informations!

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    Also, totally called Sovetsky Soyuz as the tier IX.

  2. Wow, that’s a super-obscure paper ship at Tier V. And pointless too given that Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya was actually built, actually saw combat, and was the ideal Tier V BB for the Russian line.

  3. blimey, how do you judge Nikolai at Tier IV then ? Imperatritsa Ekaterina would be some kind of mega op BB, with more health, longer range , more hp and whatnot at tier V making ajoke out of G. Cesare.

  4. So, the only one actually commissioned of all those soviets is the Gangut, right? I mean, the Izmail and the Soyuz were under construction but never completed…

    Still, it’s gonna be interesting to see how they play.

  5. Also, I’m kinda hoping the Gangut gets her WWII hull, maybe with less AA than the Oktabr.. Oktyrab… Oktaybrask… the premium version with the Soviet name. She’s ugly she was interesting!

  6. Another pointless delay for the whole Italian line… I guess we will have to wait for when WoWs will be at it’s twilight and Wargaming will be cash milking the last drops from this franchise, like it’s doing for WoT…

  7. They’ll need to chop down a forest for the paper needed to build these ships.

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