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Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.12

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In exactly one week, the update 0.7.12 will hit the live servers. It is now time to learn more about the update and its 2 main attractions, the snowflakes, the Prinz Eitel Friedrich and the rest of the events.


The principle for snowflakes is similar to the stars for the first victory of the day giving an XP bonus. From snowflakes, you can get coal or steel. As for which ship can give you what, it will work as followed:

Tech tree ships:

  • From tier V to tier VIII: Coal
  • From tier IX to tier X: Steel

Premium ships:

  • From tier II to tier VII: Coal
  • From tier VIII to tier X: Steel

Start rebuying old ships if you want to get as much value out of this event as possible!

Prinz Eitel Friedrich

The tier VI German premium battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich will be the final reward of the new event “In the name of his Highness”. This event will be similar to the last Royal Navy event. However, missions will be much tougher this time.

In total, there will be 4 directives and you will have 4 weeks to complete them all and get the ship. Also, unlike the Royal Navy event, each directive won’t end after one week so less pressure to complete them.

At the end of each directive, there will also be a special reward, New Year containers.

The “Mighty Prinz” Campaign

This campaign will only unlock with Prinz Eitel Friedrich as the first task is only doable with this ship. This campaign will give you as a final reward a special camouflage for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich but also 5 tier VI ships with their respective special camouflage.

The “Steel Monster” Campaign

This campaign will be available only available from the Premium shop and will be divided into 5 missions.

The campaign will also grant us camouflages, signals, premium account time, Santa’s Gift and more.

The “Belle Époque” collection

This collection will be focused on the ship from the early part of the 20th century and you will get its different elements from the New Year containers.

The World of Warships account

This new type of account will only apply to World of Warship. The only real difference will be that instead of a +50% XP, you will get a +65% XP. The price will remain the same and in case you are wondering, no, they are not cumulative, sorry.

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