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Cheng An – Tier I – Pan-Asia Cruiser – Details

A small escort ship built during the Second World War for the Imperial Japanese Navy and transferred to the Republic of China in 1947.

Japanese Tier I Hashidate semi-clone, the initial image released said it was a Destroyer, but it’s actually shows has a Cruiser in-game (might have been a small mistake). The Anti-Aircraft strength is deliberately weak because Tier I ships won’t face any aircraft.


Please be aware all the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.




Level 1
Health 4 900
Main battery
? Maximum firing range 8 536
??127 mm/40 Type89 ?2?x?2 127?mm
Air defense
??127 mm/40 Type89 ?2?x?2 127?mm
??25 mm/60 Type96 Triple mod. 1 ?2?x?3 25?mm
Maximum speed 19.0
Turning radius 240
Rudder shift time 2.6
Surface detectability range 6.12
Air detectability range 4.31
Experience Cost 0
Price 0

Main Battery

127 mm/40 Type89
?Guns ?2?x?127?mm
?Reloading time 7.5
??Sigma 2.0?
??Horizontal Dispersion 117
??Vertical Spread 238
?Traverse Speed 8
?Vertical traverse rate 12
?Smoke Penalty 1
?Max HP 1 000
Type of projectile HE Type1
Alpha damage 1 050
Damage 220
Alpha piercing HE 21
Explosion size 0.41
Burn prob 0.08
Projectile speed 725
Projectile mass 23.45
Projectile krupp 1
Projectile detonator 0.001
Detonator threshold 2
Underwater Dist Factor 0.8
Underwater Penetration Factor 0.9

Main Battery Sector Fire

ChengAn Sector Fire

Main Battery Turret Placement

ChengAn Turret Placement

Air Defense

Aura Far

127 mm/40 Type89 (?2?x?2 127?mm?)
??Antiair aura 0.04
??Maximum firing range 167 (?5.0?km?)
??Reloading time 5
??Max HP 1 000

Aura Medium

25 mm/60 Type96 Triple mod. 1 (?2?x?3 25?mm?)
??Antiair aura 0.02
??Maximum firing range 103 (?3.1?km?)
??Reloading time 0.5
??Max HP 200


Health 4 900
Maximum speed 19
Rudder shift time 2.6
Turning radius 240
Visibility Coefficient 14.53
Surface detectability range 6.12
Air detectability range 4.31
Visibility Coefficent GK 3.81
Visibility Coefficent GK by plane 2.54
Visibility Coefficent ATBA 0.000001
Visibility Coefficent ATBA by plane 2
Visibility Coefficent on fire 2
Visibility Coefficent on fire by plane 3
Tonnage 920


Engine power 2 500
Forward engine up time 40
Backward engine up time 20
Max HP 4 900


Gun Fire Control System
Main battery

?Cheng An (A)

?Propulsion: 2,500 hp

?Type1 mod. 1

?127 mm/40 Type89

?Type1 mod. 2


Slot 1

?Damage Control Party I


Slot 1

?Main Armaments Modification 1

?Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1

?Magazine Modification 1


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