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WoTzilla: World of Tanks Statistics Portal

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Looking for a good place to track statistics?

WoTzilla is a statistics site for World of Tanks players, which started as an offline tool for the ATD clan community in 2015 and got converted into an online site after a few months. Initially it was crudely programmed but after taking a break with a long downtime in 2016, around Christmas 2016, aydie started reprogramming it with a completely revamped backend and frontend. The website is constantly improving and features are added according to feedback from it’s users.

Player functions


After making sure the correct server is selected in the navigation bar on top, enter the desired player name in the top search box and press enter. If you are not 100% sure about the name, you can use wildcards like mailand*

The system will check if the player exists, and will automatically check if a data update is required before displaying (that’s why it takes a bit longer). You’ll be greeted by the player’s general data, with a compact overview over the recent activity. “Details” links below each column will take you to a detailed view of the respective period.


In general the site is separated into various sections which are collapsed and will only show up after clicking their headers, in order to reduce loading and rendering times. There are various charts you can display, like the WN8 per class / tier, and the WN8 over the last 30 days. There are others for the winrate and stuff, but you’ll find them yourself.


Since there are users like myself, who every now and then play a couple of games, and then don’t play for a couple of days, time frames like ‘last 7 days’ don’t make too much sense for them. The section ‘last 7 active days’, which represents the last 7 single days on which the player took part in random battles becomes useful for cases like mine.


We also got the obvious “Tank statistics per game mode”, where the full stats per tank get listed, together with the marks of mastery and the marks of excellence.


A click on the symbol next to the WN8 will pop up a chart for the WN8 of this single tank in the last 30 days.


Last but not least for the player functions: The activity over a freely adjustable time frame. Just select a start and end date, and you’ll be presented with activity / WN8 charts as well as tabular data about this period. This is also what happens when you click one of the aforementioned “Details” links, basically it will auto adjust the timeframe and take you to this section.


You can also see that the difference between your achieved values and the expected values for the WN8 calculation is listed in small coloured numbers.


Clan functions

For the clans, there’s one interesting additional feature: Just don’t enter any clan name and press the search button beside the input box. This will take you to a sortable, filterable index of all clans in the database. On this example screenshot, filtered for clans where the majority has their clients set to German, having more than 50 members, and sorted it by WN8. Useful for recruiters that they use this to check for clans which lost lots of members recently.


Like in the player pages, we got an “activity by game mode” section with adjustable start/end time, so you can easily check the activity of the members.


Then we got the stronghold skirmish stats:


And of course we got the general member data with things like recent WN8:


The “clan wide tank stats comparison” tells who is, for example, the best IS-7 driver in your clan.


In general, gives the player all the tools they need to track their statistics and progress. Also it’s a good place for clans to check for more information about their own players or new recruits. Don’t forget to support this project by visiting the website and share with your friends.

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  1. hahaha that was funny 😛

    on topic i recently found it too, and it looks very informative. I prefer sites where i check my stats, rather watching them in game, there they add only toxicity.

  2. A shame doesn’t work for the black sheep server (sea). Never mind we have 2 new exclusive tanks that no one else has yet…

  3. you’re talking about that comic p2w tank where everyone hopes it will never make it to the serious servers? 😉

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