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Waffenträger auf E 100: The No Return of the King

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Waffenträger auf E 100 was from the very beginning a very controversial vehicle. When first introduced was overpowered, with the ability to clip any Tier X vehicle, this vehicle could change the course of a battle alone.

Waffenträger auf E 100

While Wargaming did try to balance it, ultimately it got removed and replaced by the Grille 15. But the ghost of WT E100 past is always lingering and players fear it’s return.

And the fear has now returned again, with rumours that Wargaming needs to step up their game, create better rewards for Personal Missions, and are now testing this same vehicle, after a small rebalance, for the possibility of being a Tier VIII Reward vehicle…

But why, why would Wargaming do this? And on what ground does these rumours? I present to you, the only image of what it could be, the new Waffenträger auf E 100… Not! This image is from World of Tanks Blitz and that’s is not a Waffenträger auf E 100.

World of Tanks Blitz EU Portal – Rating Battles

Yes, that’s it, rumours are based on this picture. But are they true? Are also the rumours that Waffenträger auf E 100 got it’s stats changed, and the number one reason why it’s coming back, it’s because the game files were never removed from the game?

What do you think? Could it be true?

Of course not. I’ve started to investigate a little bit this theory and first of all lets check another image I’ve found.

World of Tanks Blitz RU Portal – Rating Battles

Seems someone used the wrong Grille 15 model. Yes, I say wrong, because after checking my sources, I’ve found there was another possible proposal for the Grille 15, and if you look close enough, the new Waffenträger auf E 100 isn’t even a E 100. It’s a Grille chassis with remodelled turret and smaller gun. And why would Wargaming tease PC players, with a image on World of Tanks Blitz, that is supposed to represent a race between Tier X Tanks, being the new Waffenträger auf E 100 a Tier VIII? Makes no sense.

What I can say, that most probably happened, is the fact some designer just used the wrong Grille 15 model. Nothing more, just a mistake with no hidden agenda.

And then comes the stats, that after checking with two other sources that datamine information, found no changes to this vehicle. “Wargaming didn’t remove the vehicle files from the game, that must mean something.”, might you be thinking, and I can confirm this. The files weren’t removed from the client, in fact any vehicle that was removed from the game, never had it’s files removed from the client. It’s just normal, it doesn’t mean the tank will come to the game again.

But there is one last argument, that not many know, but there are some who can confirm: Murazor confirmed during Tankfest 2017, Waffenträger auf E 100 isn’t making a return and any rumours of it, are false.

Making this statement in front of over 30 Community Contributors, isn’t something you just say. Wargaming considers the vehicle isn’t suitable for the game, was something that was necessary to remove and has no plans to return it.

Please remember, I have based my opinion and arguments based on the information I have found, and based on this I can say: the King is not returning to World of Tanks, not as a normal vehicle, Premium or Reward vehicle.


15,466 thoughts on “Waffenträger auf E 100: The No Return of the King

  1. Not Wargaming, an employee and none noticed. It’ happens, we are all humans. The model is most probably what I said, just a different version of Grille 15, I was told there was a few proposals.

  2. I worry if you can read 😀 I just said the tank isn’t returning to the game, so no, it’s not going to be a Premium.

  3. “there was a few proposals.” I guess that made sense. Still this brain fart is nowhere near the Keni-Otsu screw up in Blitz.

  4. judging from the image it looks like a premium version of the grille 15. the ch***is is the same. the gun shield is similar to the gw panther and skorpion, and it way to small to protect any auto-loading function for that caliber gun, wether its the 15cm or a 12.8cm. it may just be a re-skinned reward like the vk 72 and pz 7. as for the waffentrager returning its very possible. wargaming sold the mutant even though it was supposed to be an exclusive testers vehicle. the pz b2, btsv and pz2j are also strong vehicles for their tier and yet are still being sold. the new auto-loading foch will have the same, if not greater, clip potential than the nerfed waffel (with armor at least), and we have seen how wargaming says one thing and something else totally happens these past couple of years already. so will the waffel return? maybe, but all this image hints at is a reward versio9n of the grille i think.

  5. Like the M6A2E1 tank they said it will be only for people that pre-ordered the game so yea, i wouldnt trust wargaming with prems.

  6. Well they also said the mutant and E25 wont be on sale… I won’t trust WG a word they said until they have proven otherwise

  7. That’s a premium tank, not a regular OP tank that was removed… The only tank that was removed and made a come back, was Lorraine 40t, and was rebalanced.

  8. There are either a lot of commenters who didn’t read the article or a lot of commenters who aren’t very clever.

  9. Explain then, why is it still in tankopedia. And it is not just there, but with a different gun than it used to have. On the website it has the mause clip gun with 5 shells
    Another question, wg many times were saying that some things never going to take place in game, like lt10, and others, and then, all of a sudden we have lt10, spgs got changed, and does it mean we should trust them to everything they say?
    All we can do is just sit and wait and see what os going to happen)))) good luck to everyone, have fun)))

  10. The waffentrager was removed from PC but nothing else it’s still in blitz and console.

  11. Regarding Wikipedia: Because they never remove tanks from Wikipedia.
    Regarding Gun: Always had the same gun! :S
    Regarding LT Tier X: That’s a different case, not related to a broken OP tank…

  12. Waffel E100 wasn’t removed from PC client. And on Tankopedia. And it is not just there, but with a different gun than it used to have. On the website it has the mause clip gun with 5 shells. Waffel E100 will be the top reward tank, (like Obj. 260), in the 2nd season of Personal Missions.

  13. Did any one notice that the foch 155 has a 120 mm in this picture?

  14. No sorry Harkonnen, It is not for two reasons: The first is all other tanks are tier X, we got a t62a, t57 heavy, gille 15, amx 50b so why would you put a tier IX between there. Second reason is this is the foch 155 model because it had side skirts. The amx 50 Foch has not. This one like the foch 155 has spare tracks at the rear and the AMX 50 has them in the middle

  15. You are right. I don’t distinguish them well. Could be in line with the recent announcement that they would give it a 120mm gun.

  16. Foch 155 already has 2250clip potential damage so what..
    Pzb2 and pzb1 wheres the difference ? (I really dont know)
    Pz2j without full gold cant do anything

  17. Why it isnt too OP for consoles and blitz too ? It doesnt make any sense.

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