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World of Tanks – T26E5 & Patriot Armour Changes

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Hello everyone,

Today’s micro patch brought an armour change to the T26E5 and T26E5 Patriot. Seems Wargaming decided to fix the issue where the Patriot didn’t have the extra armour because of the tracks in the turret, so the normal T26E5 seems to have lost the track link on the side of the turret and both vehicles received an armour buff.

Turret T26E5 & T26E5 Patriot

  • Old Armour Values: 190.5 / 101.6 / 127
  • New Armour Values: 190.5 / 114.3 / 127

1 thought on “World of Tanks – T26E5 & Patriot Armour Changes

  1. Isn’t this only for the RU servers? I can’t find anything about a micro patch on EU. 😉

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