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World of Tanks: T-34-3 Removed from Sale

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Chinese Tier VIII medium tank, will be removed from the tech tree and the range of permanent offers in the Premium Shop with Update 1.0.

With a similar armour layout to the Type 59, a high alpha 122 mm gun and preferential matchmaking this vehicle is best suited for close combat. The reason why this vehicle is getting removed from sale wasn’t explained, but I believe Wargaming is just rotating the Premium vehicles available by removing some and adding others.


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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: T-34-3 Removed from Sale

  1. Why? The T-34-2 has the T10 MM and the same gun as the T-34-3 (if you use the 122 mm on the former, which I would recommend based on personal experiences). The 122 mm is even better on the T-34-3 – that means better aim time, dispersion and accuracy while the vehicle itself is slightly larger and slower.

    I averaged 1600 damage per battle and 2500ish WN8 on the T-34-2, just for reference (and boasting).

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