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Supertest: Swedish Heavy Tanks Rebalance

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With a brand new branch of Swedish medium tanks coming later this year, Wargaming has decided to rebalance the heavy tanks. Today, Supertest has received all three Swedish heavy tanks with preliminary versions of their updated versions: Emil I, Emil II and Kranvagn.

All of these tanks have a well-armoured turret, excellent gun depression, and a four-shell autoloader. The latter is the feature of the main change, currently, the Swedish autoloader tanks are too much like those from other nations, their magazines inflict lots of damage but take long to reload. Having emptied the clip, these tanks stop being active combatants for a relatively long time.

Wargaming plans to re-arrange the Scandinavians’ play pattern and make them reload faster by shortening the full reload time and upping the alpha damage. The price is one round taken away from the clip, this way, your tank will find itself in the “just about to reload” state much more often so catching you with your gun down should become more complicated, and you’ll be hitting your adversaries faster and harder. Also, the top 120-mm gun in the branch will take less time between shots too, together with other adjustments, this will bolster the Kranvagn’s damage per minute by more than 20%.

Tier VIII – Emil

Tier IX – Emil II

Tier X – Kranvagn

Of course all these changes are preliminary and subject to change, but in my opinion more than welcome. What about you, would you welcome these changes or not? Let us know down in the comment section.

33 thoughts on “Supertest: Swedish Heavy Tanks Rebalance

  1. One shell less in the magazine, meh :/
    Not enough for Kranvagn 2.75 between shells, not enough. HEAT still very poor only 300mm, good luck against Maus, Type5 etc.
    I hope they will change again.

    1. Yeah I don’t like them lowering it down to 3 shells, however all other changes I like 🙂

  2. Emil II and Kranvagn changes are ok-ish, especially the intraclip reload time. But Emil I… This is just a nerf of it.

    1. The Emil 1 only loses 200 damage off the clip, but that fixes one of the big problems with the Emil, you no longer are out of the fight for an extended period of time and you now can get your clip off faster 6s instead of 9s. You are gaining roughly 400 DPM with this change.. not sure how you could call it a nerf, Its all positives for the Emil 1

    2. i dont think this is nerf with Emil I, before apply this chance Emil I had good performnace than a lot of drum gun tank ( special compare with AMX 50 100 ). Now with 3 shells and big alpha dam you totally match with second like heavy, Shot 3 shells and back wait in short time. In real game, not usually you can shot out all 4 shells in close combat with reload 3s per shell. you only shot 2 or much is 3 before enemy shot you again..

  3. The problem with those tanks are their horrible gun handling and low premium pen. if they just had improve the aim time and dispersion value on them along with increasing the premium ammo penetration from 300-330 at least. it would be fine.

    1. And how about leaving the premium (pay to win) the way it is, and simply increase the accuracy and in overall make its gun handling better so you could gain skill instead of paying for it????

    2. That’s all fine and dandy, but in the current game every other tank just has a better pay to win ammo, so you just are playing with a crutch since you can’t compete with enemys you are facing.

  4. Agree about the pen. If the pen were increased a little it would help. Then you could leave the clip and reload time alone for tier 10. Tier 9 needs a faster reload.
    Gun handling and pen are really all they need to buff.

  5. The clip size/ alpha and interclip were never the issues. The issue with the kran has always been the lackluster Power to weight and the awful pen/ shell velocity combo

  6. 2,933 dmg per minute??? AND a shorter reload time??? Shiiiiiiit I’ll take it.

    1. Right? But no that’s not good enough.
      The terribads that cant aim complain about the dispersion and lack of gold pen. Dur hur.
      I feel bad for them really, unable to adapt and play their vehicle different than [Press W, see enemy, shoot enemy. Complain because it didn’t autopen]

    2. Well the dpm increase comes with shorter reload time so there’s no “AND”. It’s both or neither…

  7. The problem for me is that these tanks just feel meh to play, sluggish, and bad gun handeling all over, bad pen, bad, aimtime, bad accuracy, they feel derpy.. and i don’t like derpy guns. and these changes won’t fix that.

  8. Was hoping that they were gonna give the Kranvagn its historical alternative 150cm gun, that way we’ll have more diversity as well

    1. They didn’t remove the WTE100 and Foch155 to add a 15cm autoloader back into the game.

    2. Well the 15cm was a smoothbore, but there was a 14cm rifled version. Given 550-600 damage per shot in a 3 round autoloader would be easy to balance

    3. i thought the emil were desgined to mount the 120mm and the 150mm, where was the 140mm rifled gun from???

    4. The 140mm rifled was a further development of the 150mm. Fun fact: WG did initial testing of the Kranvagn with this 140mm gun before making it 120mm and announcing it to the public (information courtesy of SP15, the person who did a lot of the research for the Swedish tech tree)

  9. i think you have to improve the dispersion of the emil 1, 2 because 0.38 for both it’s so bad at least 0.34 is perfect plus the intra clip time is so bad also 3 sec is alot and 2.75 for kranvagn not good , it should be 2.5 for kran and for both emils 2.7 (like that is so perfect)

  10. How about giving back some mobility to those tanks. The Kravagn was supposed to be between the T57 HT and AMX50B in terms of mobility. But the acceleration is so awful you will rarely reach topspeed unless falling down a cliff…

    Also the awful accuracy stats. The reload is long but it would be fine if you were not going to miss half of the shots you fired.

    They’re missing the point.

  11. DPM figures look great, but if you cant pen the enemy then DPM is meaningless.

  12. Really think the need to buff the mobility instead tbh. Console (for once did the right thing) buffed both Emil II and Kranvagn’s Turret traverse to 25 for Emil II and 30 for the Kranvagn. made them so much better. but the mobility for both is still meh and the gun should be AP instead of terrible APCR and buff the HEAT to 340mm.

  13. To me these changes seem to be an attempt to emphasise its role as a brawling autoloader. Reducing the number of shells in the clip in favour of heavily improving the reload proves this. You spend significantly less time out of the fight. DPS has also taken a very healthy bump up. The drawback is the clip potential. In an attempt to mitigate the loss of a round, shell damage has gone up across the board.

    More damage per shot is nice and will feel brilliant on the Emil 1, but it means you risk losing more damage if your shot misses or bounces. Swedish HTs aren't known for their good gun handling, premium penetration or, in the case of the Kranvagn, standard round pen which all leave something to be desired. Don't get me wrong, these changes are nice and will make them more comfortable to play, but they don't fix the main issue with the tanks.


  15. Ok might of raged a bit . First the change to the reload might help but losing that much damage per clip is a big deal and really these tanks needed fixes to the gun handling that was the major issue they wont hit weak spots and that’s really bad with there low pen . Please buff the aim time and dispersion or buff the ap and premium pen one or the other or nothing will change on these tanks. I was so upset about the 13 90 losing 2 shells but after it turned out to help it a lot and it was way more fun to play and is a better tank for it so I think with a bit of gun handling buff and or pen buffs it would help these tanks. Please do the leopard one please just buff its aim time and dispersion maybe the camo rating please don’t reck it like with the dispersion and pen nerfs to the amx 30 b with heat that thing is useless and its shows because no one plays it. Stb one also needs a dispersion and im time buff maybe turret armor . But hate to complain these are a step in the right direction . I think what you need to do is put out a survey on each tank that needs buffs and list everything on the tank and let the players pick the buffs and then have us test it on the test server or sand box to make sure they are balanced and not op like the fv 4201 that dam tank.

  16. I agree give the tier ten the 3 shot 140/150 with say 650 to 750 damage per shot 700 sounds cool. This would make them something different to play . please please wargaming do this .

    1. Exactly as DaSppd says, Kranvagn has a potential Topspeed of 60 kph, but unless its freefall u never achive that, i know i have tryed a LOT. All the Swedish tanks from T6 and up is Nerfed the hell outa from the IRL stats. But its like the Rest of this Wg crap buffs and nerfs, they dont focus on the right stuff to just Buff and Nerf. All the Russians are to HOLY to even wounder about to decrese any kinda, even thou they are by default buffed atleast 125% over IRL values. Never a eastern based company will come to claer and realize this misscaluculations, its served for us and we have to deal with it or walk away from it, that i know. I for me have accepted it, but when it comes to try gain some reputation back with this kinda lame propasal, i reject by default. Just check the STRV 103B, reload ingame 8,68 sec wile in real life it has about 3 sec. No wounder the WG will nerf sucha monster, since Russia never has a equal tank. I bet you find another case wile comparison IRL tank values from other nation tanks comparied to russian ingames. its a big scam to make them biggest badest and best. Still i know this is a game, and yes i have accepted this, still i can misscredit the screwed minds with the gameplaners at WG when i got the chance, right

    2. I don’t get it, It’s allways Russians, Russians….while there are many better tanks.For example E50M is a BEAST. Most precise tank in game, fast, agile, tough hull as E75, than you have S. Qonqueror, FV4005, T92 American beast arty, Chinese 5a, Cheftain, T57 with reload 22 sec and damage potential from clip 1550 hp….What Russians have? 430U wich is horribly unprecise and shell velocity with HEAT, 277 and 268 v4 wich is nerfed to oblivion…

  17. These buff are more than welcome. People complain about the buffs suggested, but the buffs are way better than what the vehicles are right now. EMIL 1 is already decent, except gun stats, but the EMIL II and Kranvagn seriously nees mobility, accuracy and dpm buffs. Accuracy is okay, considering its supposed to be a brawling tank, but the dispersion values needs a tweak. 3 rounds in the clip with 440 alpha is a cool idea and I like it.

  18. It’s welcome buff but I think bigger problem on tier 9/10 tanks is bad penetration values, 252 with apcr is afwul (300 with heat even worse) specialy in combination with other gun stats. Mobility stats are for first line fighting not for shoot and run like 50B which can flank. Meet Maus, type etc. frontaly with kranvagn is just suicide.

  19. Emil 1 dead sentense. The autoloader tank has only one advantage. You can kill an oponent from 80% hp. ( 1 shell always miss ). Now emil has poor base pen, 20 sec also so much against a big alpha 10s guns, and from now cant kill a td or heavy with full clip. Emil very fragile, and for example if you face with the new prem Su (above 500 alpha) and you dont have full hp you die, cos the clip damage less then 1200. Totally unnecessary nerf. Nref that fuckin defender..too strong against tier 6-7-8- I dont know nerf all weak tank. Type5 also..slow,0 camo, only fun factor with this arty magnet tank the gun..wg nerf it. Total wrong direction.

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