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Common Test 1.4.1: Crew Skins

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Update 1.4.1 will bring another significant feature of the upcoming update is a new type of customization, Crew Skins. Thanks to this feature, you can momentarily replace Crew members of your vehicles with either real historical figures or fancy, cool and even slightly strange characters. The first 3 Crew Skins will be credited to your account for free with the upcoming update and just like Blueprints, more Crew Skins will be available in the Random Rewards you earn.

There are plans to have memes and funny characters that can take place of any Crew members, without restriction of vehicle class or nation. However, Crew Skins with historical personas will have restrictions based on the nation and the specialisation of the Crew member. Crew Skins will be available only in large Random Rewards.

All regions will have with their own sets of Crew Skins with predefined information (avatar/photo image, first and last name). You can apply each Crew Skin to only one Crew member and will have to remove it if you want to use it for another Crew member.

Both the application and removal of Crew Skins are free of charge and any unused Crew Skins will be kept in your Personal File. To apply Crew Skins, you need to go into the Personal File of your Crew members and manually select the desired Skins.


15,466 thoughts on “Common Test 1.4.1: Crew Skins

  1. as i said before: money, money, money-it is more important for all comunity that they can buy potato skin for theirs crew members-then rebalance of “special” ammo, OR rework of great MM.

  2. This looks completely rediculous. Mr.Pomidorek, a stupid donkey (yes I know it’s supposed to be a unicorn), and Akbar the Terrorist. Seriusly WG??? Seems they really want their game to become a clown meme game.

  3. And ofc not a single Rommel, Wittmann, Knispel, Carius… But we have Mr.Krabs!

  4. Stop crying, at least they are trying to earn money from this instead of releasing another broken premium tank.

  5. I think it’s great they are finding more ways for customisation so premium tanks might become cheaper (unlikely) or at least they don’t need to get their money from new OP premium tanks. I’ll still be using the Girls Und Panzer crew mod though xD

  6. Pls give RNGesus as a commander or gunner skin. On a separate note, maybe they should first rework crew skills instead of milking us even more, cause they’re so outdated that it’s a joke.

  7. Sounds like a neat feature except seeing the crew in the top left of the garage, you don’t see them any where else (aside from barracks).

    And it’s not like you can troll a player you killed, cause he doesn’t see the commander or anything.

    Personally, I never paid much attention to what they look like. And I would ***ume more people would spend good to change their names, not their faces. Which I would ***ume is still rare.

    Now if these were not actually crew skins but more in line with World of Warships patches/badges, you would see the image when a player killed you or on the forums.

  8. @Thebeatles0100: Oh, so no Nazis, but Communists are ok?

  9. lol, just wait, I bet its just a matter of time when next broken premium will be released

  10. @none

    Because people are keep whining about other monetization attemps

  11. @Comrade_Kim: I was refering to the picture in the bottom left corner (Brave05.png) 😛

  12. Probably cant sell these new personel skins. I can do without them. Patton or Montgomery as a tank commander might be ok and a bit of fun. The other ridiculous ones (Tomatohead????????????????) they can keep and stick where the sun dont shine!

  13. If nobody buys anything, how does WG run its servers? Pay for its devs? Market the game so new people come? quit whining.

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