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World of Tanks Supertest: Soviet Grand Battle Map Changes

Supertest continues testing changes to the new Soviet Grand Battle map. This will be the fourth iteration of the map, where changes were yet again done to improve gameplay and address some issues. If testing goes as planned, we should expect to see the map in the game soon.


  • A part of the city has been re-worked. Judging by the feedback, it was too complex: the players had navigational problems and weren’t sure from which direction they should expect an enemy to appear.
  • The edges of the map have been made traversable. The players wanted to make use of these zones, and we found it quite reasonable.
  • The parts in the east and in the west have been redesigned. The map stats showed that they were mostly utilized by medium tanks. We are going for more class diversity.
  • There’s now more cover in the bases. The stats from the previous version test demonstrated that capping was problematic because the bases were too open.
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