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World of Tanks Supertest: M41D Chinese Light Tank

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Today, a new Chinese light tank makes it to Supertest: M41D. This tank is an M41 Bulldog variant build for the Taiwanese army, but it will be introduced under the Chinese tech tree as a Premium Tier VIII light tank.

M41D – Tier VIII Premium Light Tank

Following extensive trials of the M41 light tank, the Taiwanese Army decided to get update their M41 light tanks with M41D upgrade kits. The engine was replaced with a Detroit Diesel 8V-71T V-8 increasing its operational range from 160 to 450 km. In the M41D upgrade, the 76mm gun has also received some changes with a fume extractor and a pepperpot type muzzle break being fitted.

Other improvements to the M41D light tank were the installation of side skirts to help keep down dust, a band of six electrically operated smoke grenade launchers mounted on each side of the turret and the ability to lay a smoke screen by injecting diesel fuel into the exhaust outlets.

Of course in World of Tanks, it won’t have so many features, but stat-wise will be similar to the original M41, the main differences will be a slightly better gun, slower acceleration and less view range.

The vehicle will be similar to other Chinese light tanks, which lean to firepower instead of mobility. In short, this tank will be a bit more of a damage dealer.


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  1. ****, why the same gun as regular bulldog? give it a better gun to fit chinese lt standards.

  2. It’s not the same gun it’s another different one that the chin ease mounted on it during its modernization to the D variat

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