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World of Tanks Supertest – Further Vehicle Changes

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Today we got more details from Supertest: some vehicles previously in test got further fine-tuned. Let’s have a look at the details:


Turret changes were rolled back, and they will stay the same as currently on Update 9.20. Statistics showed the British Premium medium tank was too effective in combat during the overall test. Wargaming will now continue to experiment with the tank and decide how they will release it for the second Common Test.

FV205 Renamed

The upcoming British Tier X tank destroyer that will replace the FV215b (183) got its own name: FV217 Badger. The Badger will receive further improvements to its frontal armour and increased alpha damage. Meanwhile, the rate of fire will be reduced but the damage per minute will stay the same. Also, its top speed will be decreased, but overall dynamics will be improved, meaning its cross-terrain capability will get better and will be able to keep its speed.


The small French tank is waiting for serious improvements. The magazine will be changed, with a reduced number of shells but improved reload times for both magazine and in-between shots. But that’s not all, its alpha damage will also be reviewed.

Caernarvon Action X

The British Premium heavy tank is awaiting some cosmetic changes with increased armour added. Its damage per minute will also be improved, and hopefully, this will make it a worthy tank.

Somua SM

Last but not least, the armoured French drummer will also get reviewed: Wargaming decided to reduce its top speed but increased its engine power. As a result, it will be better to manoeuvre and keep its speed.

Source: World of Tanks VK

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – Further Vehicle Changes

  1. Good that they rolled back that FV4202 turret. I was against it from the start. Tier 10 armor simply doesn’t belong on tier 8 tanks and it doesn’t matter if it is Defender or FV 4202 tank. Keep the engine buff + add more dpm or alpha and you have fine tank.

  2. I know exactly how they could fix ALL the Centurions… give them better gun handling and DPM, not armor… jesus… it isnt hard…

  3. Not every tank needs to have great gun handling. Things should be kept unique. Balance them in other means. If you want gun handling then play US or RU.
    7/1 has the HESH for raping weakly armored enemies, and with the increased turret armor it’ll be a worthy tonk.

  4. Lmao. Buff the AX but the leopard 1…and now the stb1 is so far behind as well….

    They buff **** like the 140 and t54 that were already on the top of the board. Nerf tanks like the grille 15 2hich is already utter ****. And then make pointless changes to a whole bunch of tanks which weren’t even in need of urgent changes.

    WG balancing makes 0 sense at all.

  5. FV217
    Rather then increasing alpha damage on the fake 123mm gun, why not give it the 120mm L11A1? THen change the Tortoise top gun to the 105mm L7A1. Tortoise DPM would drop by 100 but the penetration, and gun handling increase would make up for it. Then give the FV217 the same reload as the Tortoise which would mean 3,525 DPM but the penetration would be significantly better.

    Not to mention the FV217 was historically meant to get a 120mm while the Tortoise wasn’t

    Carnarvon AX
    I don’t mind more armor, but maybe they could put the 105mm on this. The gun’s already on the tier 8 TD so it can work while also setting it apart from the current Caernarvon.

  6. So the fv4202 with 240 turret armor is OP but the Primo Victoria with 255 is not, seems legit

  7. The FV4202 turret armor buff does not matter at all, but I think if Wargaming want to buff the tank’s turret armor, they should not double the thickness of everything. Here is my proposed solution.

    Buff the armor directly next to the gun from 115mm to 190m rather than 240mm.
    Buff the armor below the top left and top right of the turret from 105mm and 165mm to 150mm and 180mm respectively rather than 200mm and 240mm respectively.
    The armor of the top left and right of the turret should be buffed from 85mm to 135mm rather than 165mm.
    The top center part of the turret above the gun should be buffed from 65mm to 80mm rather than 95mm.
    They should keep the turret ring at 200mm the way it is rather than buffing it to 240mm.

    These changes should keep the turret armor around 190-230mm effectiveness overall.

    Also to those who may be against the turret armor changes, remember, the hull is still terrible and can be penetrated at almost any angle by equal, tier 7, and even some tier 6 rounds. Also the side of the turret is still only 80-90mm thick which even sloped at 60-65 degrees is still only 140-150mm effective thickness. Finally, the side and rear of the hull of the tank is no more than 50mm thick. On top of this, (look on tanksgg) it looks like Wargaming are changing the shape of the hull and weakening it quite a bit. the 9.20 FV4202 has a flat plate of 127mm but that is being removes and now the upper hull is 50.8mm and the lower plate is 76.2mm therefore creating another weakness to the FV4202.

    In conclusion, even if Wargaming buffs the turret, remember, the rest of the tank can easily be penetrated from most angles.

  8. Sorry if my comment was really long Harkonnen. There was just so much to talk about the FV4202.

  9. No, the Tortoise was meant to get the 32-Pounder (94mm) Ordinance Quick Firing gun. In fact, the same gun the is being fitted on the new buffed Caernarvon in 9.20.1.

  10. I know. Never said the Tortoise would lose the 32-pdr. Only suggest ing the top gun be changed from the 120mm L1A1 to the 105mm L7A1

    As for the 32-pdr, it’ll probably be buffed when they change the FV215b 183 out

  11. Look I dont entirely disagree, but why is it fine on the centurion, but not on the fv?
    Furthermore they do need to buff the turret enough to be able to bounce tier 6s reliably, the current turret is so bad it doesnt work at all against anything, except the troll bounce, and TBH i dont think this buff made it OP, you are still reliant on hull down positions and have one of the worst guns in DPM/gun handling of the tier 8 meds.
    But you know lets hope they do make it that ridgeline warrior the british are supposed to be…

  12. “CAENARVON Action X – The British Premium HEAVY tank” so they buff the unreleased tier VIII premium heavy and that’s leaving the Leo 1 and STB behind? ?

  13. I hate it when people dislike comments but dont say why they dont like it. I personally really love to discuss things, i like it when people debate an idea, its where growth of change occurs

  14. So any confirmation when the FV215b (183) will be swapped for the Badger? If it’s in this upcoming 9.20.1 patch I won’t even start grinding for it since I’m only at Tier VI.

  15. No FV217 will come out most likely in 9.20.2 or 9.21 or whatever Wargaming wants to call it.

  16. I am grinding for my 183 right now. I just wish I could paint my Badger a golden color and name it Honey Badger for all the world to behold.

  17. I’ve just finished with the FV215b (120) grind and I don’t have the willpower to powergrind the AT line in like 1 or 2 weeks if the tank will be changed in 9.20.1.

  18. When you think about it, the Brit Meds have nothing special, they aren’t the fastest, best handling, most DPM or most armored. They have common weakness being that huge paper hull they all share. On the other hand they aren’t the worst at anything either, and that could be their niche, “not terrible at anything” isn’t glamorous but it is very British.

  19. “with the increased turret armor it’ll be a worthy tonk.”

    Right up until someone presses ‘2’. (unless theyre in a tier 6 or 7 and then theyre just ****ed because good balance comrade).

    So lets leave aside the fact that armor buffs are silly for that reason alone and go back to your “unique” comment. Because armor buffs are doing the exact opposite of what you think they are.

    Right now, the Centurions are unique in that they cant just sit on a ridge or willfully expose their turret and expect it to bounce things. They have to pick and choose their battles and poke on distracted or reloading enemies. This is what is unique about them. They are support mediums, but what keeps them from excelling at this is their ability to poke quickly and fire off shots that will do damage.

    By buffing the turret armor, youre turning them into yet another poke a ridge whenever you want and expect your turret to block a shot, just like the Pattons currently are. Just like the AMX 30s currently are. And like the STB likely will be next patch. But buffing gun handling (and Im not even suggesting to Patton level, just something thats not literally worst in tier and cl***), you reward positioning and thought by giving the player a weapon that will hit its target if they poke quickly. And thats what a Centurion should be: a master of poking quickly and shooting distracted or reloading targets. As for buffing their DPM, literally it needs to be buffed up to competitive levels with every other medium of cl*** and tier. (About a 100 DPM increase for the Mk. 1 Centurion and a 200 DPM increase for the FV4202 and 200 for the Mk. 7/1. And the tier 10 should be left alone in all ways because its fine where it is).

    So youre already making the Centurions less unique by buffing their armor. Just so happens you are doing it in a way that is easily defeated by anyone smart enough to use all the tools the game gives them. (Seriously, the Primo Victoria is easily defeated by pressing 2). Armor buffs are the lazy way to buff a tank, that promotes the use of a p***ive mechanic (p***ive as in it requires the enemy to do or not do something, not the player), rather the the use of a players mind to properly position in their medium in places where they cant get shots and not take hits in return.

    (Also… “just go play US mediums” in particular still applies with the armor buff, because both Pattons will just be straight up better than the Centurions next patch. Because a gun that hits more frequently on a platform that is essentially armored the same is better than a gun that hits less frequently.)

  20. Near the end of October is what is being reported right now.

    I am enjoying the AT line very much and the Tortoise is fantastic. I don’t really want to power grind through the tortoise but I do want to destroy stars with one shot.

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