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15 thoughts on “World of Tanks Premium Account Reworked!

  1. I have 704 daysdays of premium time right now. Does this mean that I have 704 days of WoT premium time now?

    I like the 2nd blocked map for PA holders.

  2. hope they’ll undo this soon after trying. nobody wants to pay 2 premium accounts. i assume, quite a few people playing tanks and ws will rather neglect one and play only the other than pay twice. at least that’s how I will be rolling.

    1. You can have WG premium and you will have same bonuses as today in WoT

    2. You don’t have to buy two premium accounts. If you play more WG games than only WoT, you can use the regular one. If you only play WoT, then the new premium account is better.

  3. Nothing wrong with the piggy bank, it’s just extra credits with a certain limit. That’s fine. The only thing that bothers me is the ability to get extra bonds by paying WG money. That’s P2W, even in an insignificant way.

    Blocking an extra map is ok, but it’s better to give alle players that ability. I think that will proof that Ensk, Paris and Himmelsdorf are unplayable and therefore unpopular above tier 6.

    Arty should be excluded for map blacklisting, because it every game on an open map will get infested with arty this way.

    1. “Arty should be excluded for map blacklisting” – I could not agree with this more! Arty should have no ability to block any maps.

      Paris, Ensk and Himmelsdorf are situational maps designed to suit one or two types of tanks only. As a heavy player I like all of these maps immensely, as a LT player I despise them. Keep them all, kill Overlord.

      “the ability to get extra bonds by paying WG money. That’s P2W,” it totally is P2W, but do WG care? This is obviously a way to diversify their income stream.

    2. “Man, we should totally arbitrarily exclude certain players from the benefits they pay for!” Or should Artillery Players purchase WoT PA at a 20% discount?

      How do you define “artillery players”, anyway? As a relatively inactive player, I still have Black Prince, the T8 US Artillery, a bunch of premium mediums, LTs, and TDs… Seems like a lot of excess coding on WG’s end just to feel superior for a bit.

  4. When I buy my Premium time currently, it gives me the same number of Premium days in both, WoT and WoWs due to my joint account. I buy 90 days in WoT and I switch over to WoWs and there is also 90 days.
    So I can go to either game at will on Premium. Now they want to make people pay for each separately? That’s their aim. So if someone wants to play both, they will have to pay twice. More money for WG.

    1. No, WG gives you a choice. You can decide which type of premium account is the most benificial for you. If you play all three games, you are better of with the standard PA. If you only play WoT, you can buy the new PA for the most benefits.

  5. I can appreciate their efforts here.
    Love the additional changes ….
    All death to Camporovka!

    Still… Where is new chat system ?

  6. Imo map block cooldown should be somthing like 1 week. This should be an option for players to block map they dont like, not an option to block bad maps for certain vehicle class.
    And about your suggestion to give ability to dismount equipment for free is the worst and the most pay to win idea ever, giving huge advantage to paying players, if they make it true, its just a matter of time when xvm incorporates auto tank equipping and as a result you can play all your tanks just with 2 sets of equipment, saving millions of credits, while free to play players will have to buy equipment for every tank.

  7. There was word that WG were going to make PA’s only deduct days when you logged in and played a match rather than taking a day every day even if you do not play.

    Any more news on this Harkonnen?

  8. Unmounting equipment for free would be a bad idea.

    Why? Because then premium players only need one or two pieces of each equipment and a mod to auto mount it like there already is for camo nets and binoculars. A massive advantage.

  9. WG should only count your premium days by time logged in playing not just by date. By excluding maps, they may see what players prefer and do away with some, hint hint. But in reality, its their game follow their rules, their maps or find something else.

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