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World of Tanks NA: ELC EVEN 90 arrives at the battlefield!

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What can be good about having one of the smallest tanks in World of Tanks? Concealment of course, aside from that the ELC EVEN 90 is not a special vehicle in anyway.


Wargaming decided to release this vehicle even after the Community Contributors and other testers said the vehicle is not good at all. If you are a collector, you might want to buy it, if you aren’t, in my personal opinion, it’s not really worth the money or even the time to play it.

In the event, you decide to get one or you have to face one don’t forget:

  • Size: The EVEN 90 is very small, and probably the closest you’ll get to ride a bike on the battlefield. This contributes to survivability: enemies will have a hard time hitting you as long as you keep moving; moreover, the EVEN 90 can use almost any obstacle to hide from enemy fire.
  • Mobility: The EVEN can speed up to 70 km/h, though not too maneuverable. Nevertheless, it can contribute to active scouting.
  • View Range: Two words: passive scouting. The 380m range just isn’t that great for active-scouting duels.
  • Firepower: The EVEN features a three-round magazine reloading system, but is hampered by the damage, aim and reload values. Don’t focus on firing unless it’s at the top of the team list, and even then at the later part of a battle. Then the potential of causing 660 damage to an enemy’s side or rear will be handy.
  • Concealment: The concealment of this vehicle is incredible! Enemies will wonder what keeps spotting them and firing three shells every half-minute. In fact, enemies can most likely only spot you only at proximity distance.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks NA: ELC EVEN 90 arrives at the battlefield!

  1. 1k2 dpm for a tier 8 light tank, seriously WG? I thought the tier 8 have the worst mm in the game right now. Bless you elc 90.

  2. This tank has bad stats … but anyway it’s an ELC !!! Take my money WG !!!

  3. funny.
    furst the elc had 5 shells per magazin. maybe it was a little op during the test. I dont know.
    than it got 3 shells per magazin. now it is maybe a little crapy with a reload of 30 sec.
    I think 4 shells or a reload near to 20 sec would be better.
    maybe it is not easy to find sth between crap and op.

    hopefully the introduction on na server is a big test before they introduce them on eu server 😉

  4. what is the concealment? remember the E25 can get to 1119, so who is better?

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