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World of Tanks (NA): Christmas Extended XP Weekend & Panzer Claus vs Vital Spark

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Its the final weekend of 2020 and with it 2e’ve got an extended weekend missions that reward triple XP, Personal Reserves, Inscriptions, Holiday Ops Boxes, and Consumables. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Free XP, XP, and Crew XP exchange rates and Credit discounts on Tier IV–X Regular vehicles!

Christmas WeekendBastogne BesiegeddTab titleFirst in Bastogne


  • Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team in a battle


  • Random Battles, Grand Battles, Skirmish, and Advance
  • Repeatable


  • ×3 XP


  • Survive the battle


  • Random Battles, Grand Battles, Skirmish, and Advance
  • Two (2) times per day


  • Manual Fire Extinguisher
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Small Repair Kit
  • 1× Token: U.S.A.


  • Destroy three (3) enemy vehicles in any number of battles


  • Once per day
  • Random Battles, Grand Battles, Skirmish, and Advance


  • Inscriptions: “Brother-in-arms”
  • 1× Token: U.S.A.


  • Play a battle


  • Collect 6× U.S.A. Tokens
  • Once per account
  • Random Battles, Grand Battles, Skirmish, and Advance


  • 1 DayWoT Premium Account
  • Inscriptions: “Cobra King”
  • Inscriptions: “First in Bastogne”
  • 2× Small Boxes:
    • Must open by January 11 at 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Large Repair Kit
  • 10× Personal Reserves: +200%Crew XP (1 hour)
  • 10× Personal Reserves: +200%Free XP (1 hour)
  • 10× Personal Reserves: +50%XP (1 hour)

Exchange Bonuses and Discounts

Free XP to Crew XP Exchange* Bonus: 1 Free XP = 10 Crew XP
XP to Free XP Exchange Bonus: 1 Gold = 40 XP
Regular Tier IV–V Vehicles: 50% Credit Discounts
Regular Tier VI–VII Vehicles: 30% Credit Discount
Regular Tier VIII–X Vehicles: 15% Credit Discount

Panzer Claus vs Vital Spark

After passing through Europe, Panzer Claus has made his way to the North American Server! This time, Panzer Claus will have to face Vital Spark and once again you will have to pick up a side! Will you side with Panzer Claus and save the Holiday season, or will you pick Vital Spark side and take all the presents away?  The team with the most Small Boxes at the end of the event wins a free 3D Style that’s exclusive to a Tier X tank—”Panzer Claus” for the Pz.Kpfw. VII or “Vital Spark” for the UDES 15/16.

Once you’ve enlisted for either team, it’s time to collect Small Boxes.

  • You can obtain Small Boxes by completing Missions From Chuck, Daily Special, and Advent Calendar Missions.
  • One point is awarded for each Small Box earned before Monday, Jan. 4 at 02:00 PT | 04:00 CT | 05:00 ET.

The team with the most points by the end of the event on Monday, Jan. 4 at 02:00 PT | 04:00 CT | 05:00 ET determines which 3D style, either “Panzer Claus” or “Vital Spark, will be awarded for free. Remember, you must be on the winning team and have collected at least one (1) Small Box during the event period to receive the 3D Style reward.

Special Holiday Mission

With the Special Holiday Mission, you will get an IS-3A rental for three days and x5 experience boosters! You can get even more boosters if you complete the secondary mission over the weekend!

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