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World of Tanks (EU): Get Your Holiday Loot & Discounts

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The Holidays aren’t over yet and you can grab some more loot & discounts! Just play 5 battles between December 26 at 06:00 CET and 29 December at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) and to get your Holiday Loot! And on top of that, an x5 XP Bonus on your first victories of the day will surely help you with the grind of that new branch you are playing! But wait, there is more, take a look at all the holiday loot!

Specials & Discounts

  • x5 XP for the first victory of the day
  • A better conversion rate for Free XP to Crew XP (1 Free XP = 10 Crew XP)
  • 50% Discount on Tier IV-V regular vehicles
  • 30% Discount on Tier VI-VII regular vehicles
  • 15% Discount on Tier VIII-X regular vehicles

Holiday Loot Mission


  • Play 5 battles


  •  1 day of World of Tanks Premium Account
  •  10 Personal Reserves: +50% XP for 1 hour
  •  10 Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP for 1 hour
  •  10 Personal Reserves: +200% Free XP for 1 hour
  •  5 Chocolate consumables
  •  5 Large Repair Kits
  •  5 Large First Aid Kits
  •  5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers


  • Only in Random, Stronghold and Global Map battles
  • All vehicles
  • Once per account