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World of Tanks NA: 7th Anniversary with Goodies Galore

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Seventh Anniversary Weekend Celebration

Apr. 12-16, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET

  • x5 XP for the First Win
  • 50% Credit Discount on Tier VStandard Vehicles
  • 30% Credit Discount on Tier VI-VIIStandard Vehicles
  • 30% Gold Discount on Tier VI-VIIPremium Vehicles
  • 15% Credit Discoun on Tier VIII-XStandard Vehicles
  • 50% Gold Discount onGarage Slots
  • 50% Credit Discount onEquipment
  • 50% Gold / Credit Discount onConsumables
  • 50% Gold / Credit Discount onCamouflage.
  • 50% Gold / Credit Discount onEmblems and Inscriptions


Mission: Happy Birthday World of Tanks!


  • 3xAnniversary Emblems

Conditions: Log in to the game


  • Once per Account

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks NA: 7th Anniversary with Goodies Galore

  1. Are you sure about the Gold discount for on Premium Vehicles Tier V-VII? I could not find anything about this on the WoT webpage.

  2. Heh, pretty much dog sh*t compared to what EU is getting, but the discounts are good enough I suppose.

  3. Actually, NOW there are missions with rewards like what the EU server is getting.

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