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World of Tanks: Frontline Unique Camouflage Styles

World of Tanks Update 1.0.1 will bring the Frontline event, just a few days after release. Players will be able to get quite a handful of rewards and one of them is: Unique Styles! Three new unique styles will be added to the game, where a group of nations will receive one of the styles. These styles can be used in any season, but no details are known how they will be rewarded exactly.

Source: WOT Express

Style One: USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, China

Style Two: France, UK, United States, Sweden

Style Three: Germany, Italy, Japan

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  1. Some of those camos look really nice, but that 1945 emblem ruins it all. Do you know if this camo comes as a preset or if we get the camo and emblem separetely?

  2. the sovjet star on the “german-, italian-, Japan-camos” is so ugly. i wouldn’t accept this camos, not even as a gift.

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