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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Flexible Premium Account

  1. I think it is a step in the right direction. For me personly a premium account or better premium time always had the problem that it is running out even when I don’t play the game. So I never wanted to buy premium time because I ever was afraid that I quit playing the game for a week or a month but having bought new premium time a day before….
    So I would even go a step further and would not sell premium days but sell premium time, which only runs out when the game is running, but doesn’t run out even when i don’t play for a month.
    Or another idea: you buy premium for a number of battles. So you can buy 100 or 1000 battles of premium.

  2. Wow, something really good for a change! I hope this comes for WoWS too.

  3. I play +/— 20 battles per day , 30 days os 90 days of Premium for me…

  4. 100% agreed for the more casual player a huge step forward for WG. I think they would generate a good return on this if implemented.

  5. Or maybe pay something like 5 gold per battle for premium account. Or selling prem acc like boosters, you activate it for 2 hours. But this is awesome as I never bought prem acc before for money, only for gold, so if this turns out to be cheaper than 250 gold for one day, I’ll buy it 😉

  6. Yes, the idea of paying per hour will work for me and most of my friends too, because we play about 3 – 4 hours per day. Buying one day premium means I throw 60% of the value into the water, so I don’t do that anymore.

  7. Like Armored warfare has this feature for ages now, i am surprised it took WG so long to even think about it.

  8. This would be great! Since there are a lot of people who play on some events or days. You can longer a hole month for 2-3. Myself I have premium for 2 more months, it semse it can be better to buy a longer time then the normal.

    If they really wish to get a lot of people doing the new premium account, they should make it in packs of 6 h! Can you Imagine how many will take it, fool by the ideea that they have the night and work day off premium?

  9. YESSSSS!!
    I knew it’s only a question of time until they’ll go in the right direction~

  10. I had this offer and took it. Works for how I play, which is 3-4 nights per week, but some details:

    it cost me (Netherlands, EU server) € 10,80 for 30 of these (for reference 30 days of regular premium + low tier prem is € 9,95)
    it activates automatically after the first battle of the day.
    this activation resets at night, so if it activates again while the one from yesterday is still up, you get another 24 hours added. This part seems a little buggy.
    the offer states you can only use 30 points per 60 days. So guessing it’s a useless offer if you play more often than that.

  11. WG finally does something useful. I never buy Prem time because I only get on 1-2 times a week. This I just might buy.
    It would be nice if it was activated by selecting it like personal reserves instead of the first battle. Marathon missions where you get on for a few battles to do the mission would suck with auto activation.
    But a step in the right direction.

  12. This is something that I 100% support not because it’s a brilliant idea, but because it is something that should have always been in the game.

  13. Well this isn’t for me, i play for about 9 hours every day at the most on weekdays, and about 12-18 a day on weekends. So yeah, WG wont me monching on my money… Well for that feature at least.

  14. Perfect solution for me and a great idea. I only buy premium time these days on special events (like the recent British Marathon or over Christmas) or the odd 1-2 days when I have lots of time to play but rest of the time it would be a waste. If it ever goes live – I’m pulling out the wallet and buying!

  15. Why didn’t they implement this 5 years earlier? I think because the sale of premium accounts is dropping.

    Playing without premium is kinda useless if you are used to having premium. I think a lot of the older players stopped paying for premium because of WG’s ****ups (at least I do), and stopped playing because of the fact that the game economy is so bad that it’s not fun to play without premium account. Not only because of silver income, but also because of the ‘press 2 or get ****ed’ situation on corridormaps with Types, Mauses and Bobjects.

    I would maybe buy flexible premium time, so that I can play again if I want to.

  16. don’t get overexcited yet. question is, will flexible and regular premium offers coexist, or will the flexible one replace the old one? if they’ll coexist, will flexible premium time be more expensive?

  17. I will use it for sure… I can’t play everyday only when I got a few hours free time so I will buy premium if I know this option is active…

  18. Or maybe they have, but decided to not implement? Why is “so stupid” just because you might want it? Don’t forget WG is a business, and you could always buy one day of premium, meaning this would never be a priority.

  19. As I play almost every day I think this isn’t for me, but I’ve never bought regular prem account time either, only time this would be useful is right now when I’m banned xD

  20. É o correto a se fazer. Não é justo vc paga por uma coisa que não vai usa 100% e sim 50% .

  21. Great idea as those of us with ‘civil authorities’ at home and work commitments lose out on 50%+ of the days Premium we’ve bought

  22. I am mostly “weekend warrior”, rarely buying premium accounts. So last week i bought 3 days premium account. I played one evening. The next day i was busy and didn’t play WOT at all. On the third day, the evening, i had time to play and was expecting my premium account to be going to expire. BUT IT DID NOT !!! I had left 2 more days of premium. I was very surprised and was very pleased. I liked it a lot and apreciated it a lot. I hope it was not a mistake and that this will continue because before that i rarely bought premium for i am way too busy and i can’t predict my free time. So for 14 days, after that happened, i bought 3 times x 3 days premium ( my 6 months rate), so i think this is good not only for me, but also for WOT guys.

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