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World of Tanks: Fair Play Policy Update

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World of Tanks received yet another wave of punishments for players who use cheats. The European server recently penalized 2,500 accounts for using prohibited software and banned 963 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.

The North American server penalized 466 accounts and banned another 215 permanently, while the SEA server was the lowest as per usual, with 218 accounts penalized and 90 permanently banned.

No official numbers have been released for the Russian server, but sources claim that over 20,000 accounts were recently penalized or banned due to the use of prohibited software during the Soldiers of Fortune event, the highest number ever for any server. This leaves a question, is enough being done?

We continuously see ban waves coming out and while numbers seem to slowly be coming down, are these numbers the reality we live in the server?

Recent investigations just for the Russian server, showed that one of the most popular illegal/cheats websites available receives more than 3,500,000 visits a month, meaning that there are much more users than claimed to be using illegal modifications in the game.

Wargaming also announced their Fair Play Policy will be updated soon, but to be honest, the game needs to receive further changes in order to stop these mods being available.

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  1. Wg you are useless . You cant block the cheat mods or YOU dont want do this and who s pay for this?? THE PLAYERS AGAIN!!! ALWAYS THE PLAYERS!!! You banned players account because use cheat mods but all players use cheat mods.Find a another way solve this problem BANNED ACCOUNTS IS NOT THE SOLUTION!!

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