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World of Tanks (EU): AMX 13 57 Available for a limited time!

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It’s better late than never and the AMX 13 57 didn’t arrive on time for the Advent Calendar or Holiday Ops 2019, but it’s here now for all EU players. One of the sneakiest light tanks in the game, it’s well worth it to add to your collection if you don’t have it yet.

The tank will be available for three days, with three different bundles available with a starting price of about €28.00. Take your pick, but even if you decide to get the cheapest bundle you will still receive 3,000 Gold with it.

A tank that a lot of players underestimate, but with its impressive mobility and a very fast autoloading 57 mm gun, this tank can move like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

4 thoughts on “World of Tanks (EU): AMX 13 57 Available for a limited time!

  1. Sting like a bee indeed. (Because a bee will rarely kill someone)

    Very little alpha. Aims faster then it shoots. 0.37 ain’t horrible… Yet not great either. Especially given pen and low ammo count (facing some very big armour added to the game since release , aka powercreep)…
    not to speak of the fragile nature of this thing. Top it all off with a low ammo count and 3000 goals you won’t need….

    Perhaps stick to the ingame tanks 😉
    At least those got some gun depression

    Last but not least! Just to put a final nail into the coffin… We will have wheeled vehicles in a few days!!

    Wouldn’t be surprised if wargaming decides to create a premium version give me those are popular , which they will be!


    YouTubers like quicky baby complaint about this and know it all seem forgotten.

    I mean of course it is. Money let’s you forget a lot. Starting with integrity.

    1. I like one wise saying: You will never disappoint with promise 😉

    2. If played right this tank is borderline OP. This thing WILL kill you given the chance. Especially late game when this thing will annhialate you and your team when left alone.

    3. Also don’t even take what QB says as serious, the guy is a complete joke.

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