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World of Tanks – Chrysler GF Review

Hello everyone,

Why bother doing a review of one of the most OP (if not the most OP) Premium vehicle ever released into World of Tanks, if Wargaming did one for us?

I know that this vehicle is OP, is the pinnacle of a trend to remove front weak-spots on tanks with ridiculous values… If you want one, you can get it now across all servers, if not, you don’t have to buy one.

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  1. OP as long as you only face retarded opponents who do not flank you – and you shoot a lot of gold and you’re top tier.

    1. Suuure,you are supposed to go vs chrysler in your heavy,and if you cant pen it with regular ammo (hint:you cant),then what easier thing to flank it on erlensberg,himmelsdorf,pilsen,kharkov,sacred valley,mines,abbey or any other retarded map WG has designed (not by accident,but to force you get confronted with armor values you simply can not pen with regular ammo and cant flank).

  2. This is gonna break my wallet. Just got Patriot (finally) and CK comes out. I guess I’ll grab it too.

  3. I have not seen the K Car tank really roll over anybody in public battles. After all of this “Most OP Tank Evahh!” ranting you’d think it would kick butt – but it quickly succumbs to gold ammo, arty, and flanking while it’s own gun is a bit flaccid.

  4. Another Tank Which is better than the Tiger ii.
    I cant understand why the germans are even in the game Wien most of their Tanks have to suck -,-

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