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What’s going on with WG, SirFoch & Circon?

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been contacted regarding this, to say something about it and yes I am aware of what is going on. Being a Community Contributor I am well inside this and trying to keep myself as informed as possible can.

I won’t go into much detail for now, I’m still waiting for further statements from Wargaming and see how this is going (because it still is going) before I can comment.

For now, I just want to share Jingles words on this matter, I believe is quite on point and I agree with his reasons for being mad.

As for Circon, he just released a video with an update.

I will cover this topic, either later today or over the weekend, but for now I’m just waiting to see how this matter progresses.

Update #1

Quick update: Florian, Wargaming Head of Community Management, has released a small statement apologizing to SirFoch and how this situation was handled.

Source: World of Tanks Forum

“I understand that my statement can be seen dubious compared to the screenshot posted, and the implied threat there. However I want to point out that there was no copyright claim done on SirFoch and I assure you it wouldn’t have come to that.  

That leaves the questions on our communication yesterday with SirFoch, where the focus was completely and only on his vocabulary, unfortunately the wrong words had been chosen to express the importance of the situation to us. And I apologize to SirFoch, censorship was in no way ever the goal. We will certainly learn from the situation and will continue to work on the we communicate. “


15,466 thoughts on “What’s going on with WG, SirFoch & Circon?

  1. “We will certainly learn from the situation”

    I hope we all do and I hope we never let wargaming forget this, they can say they didnt issue a copyright on youtube, they can say alot of stuff thanks to NDA’s that they all have to sign

    I already thought twice before spending money on their games, now most of my buys will be on new games and better things, what a company

  2. If you’re a dick in a bar you get punched in the face.
    Can’t throw punches through the internet so, everybody can be a dick 🙂

  3. Foch is the most honest of all the CC and doesn’t hesitate to say exactly what he thinks when WG screws up.

    Not to mention that he also has a deep knowledge and understanding of the game and also has made countless advices to WG on how to fix it….

    And of course WG being WG they just censor him now. Amusing….

  4. There hasn’t been this much drama in WoT for a long time.


  5. Yeap…foch has a deep knowledge of game and doesn,t hesitate to tell exactly what he things…if you analyse foch speach you,ll find this…..**** wg, **** this tank, ****….and so on on 10 seconds…
    In this matter stupids are wg for not ignoring the dude after relieving him from his post of cc

  6. Wargaming has grown their ego’s and greed has them too. The sheep are buying into this every time a tier 8 premium roles out. I am trying to get banned as Wargaming makes it difficult to closed your account. They need the stats for advertising. Going to download cheats so my account and finally be closed.

  7. Fock just bite the hand who feeds him, now he has to pay the price.

    I have no comp***ion.

  8. Not sure, if Foch earns money only by WOT videos on Youtube. WG doesnt send him ANY money directly for sure. Only cowards dont say truth. Choice of him. If they threatened him, they showed us truth face of WG. Soviet strategies of dealing with problems. Your choice, if you will support them also. Reason for me to stop playing it.

  9. All the best to Sirfoch im a real fan of his youtube review i learnt a lot from his videos
    i lost all my faith in wargaming . And again im happy with my decision that i sold all my T8 t9 T10 tanks
    many op to let us spam gold not with me wargaming .i play tanks can pen all tiers they face no need to spend money on this game anymore the only way wargaming will come to sense

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