World of Tanks

World of Tanks Black Market: Eighth Deal

He is back with yet another deal for you, this time you get an auction for the Chinese Tier VIII Premium Type 59 Gold, bids start at 20,000 Gold! Good luck.

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  1. Just for the records
    .. what would have been a succesful bet ?
    My bet was 26,000 dubloons – did not get one ..

    1. For EU seems to have been near the 41,000 and NA over 50,000. Only the RU got the lowest with bets over 26,000

  2. . .should have tried gold instead of dubloons since this is WoT 🙂
    But honestly – since my accounts are still on the NA servers my bet covered only about half of the necessary 50k gold.

    Hope I have more luck next time ..

    Congratulations to those who got one !
    And thank you Harkonnen for the quick reply 😉

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