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World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #9

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The Black Market deal is out and it’s a closed auction for the T-22, minimum bid: 15,000,000 Credits!

There are only a few limited number of vehicles available depending on regions:


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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #9

  1. WG the members actually disabled the feature to see the competitive bid.

  2. In the QB Twitch comments at the time, 41 didnt get it
    (I bid 31 and didnt get it) so 42.5 was right on the limit

  3. 22m i didn;t take it . this black market its a big joke only more euro to wg pokets why they have closed auction ? they now rich players will have it.. last time i use this stupid BM.

  4. Sure you did….that’s as true as the Pope marrying the Queen.

  5. I have to agree. This Black Market used to be fun. It was a real mix of many tanks for Gold and Silver and the odd auction. It has now become full of fools who will pay 50 million silver (hundreds of $ when converted) for tanks that have now become Flea Market buys at Premium Shop in comparison. I’ll not participate in this BM trash again either. WG has once again decided to reward the BEST PAY-TO-WIN players, CCs, and those already advantaged, those who already have reward tanks galore, and so forth. This is at the expense of average-ish players, free-to-play players, and those who not only rarely otherwise have a chance to get these tanks, but ARE ALSO comprise the Majority and who KEEP THIS fast deteriorating game alive. Finally, the allocation of these tanks on the North American server is utterly atrocious and egregiously unfair. However, this, too, drives up the already ridiculous minimum bids through the roof. Black Market is mostly out of my reach and has ceased to be fun for me ….and for many, many others.

  6. 36.5m didn’t get it, so closer to 40m was the limit me thinks

  7. they close it because people dont know the difference between an average and a median. which is why the aufkl. panthers price fully escelated

  8. If it was open auction the prices will go up and up and up cuz you could see a good bid wich goe sup the entire time so a closed auction is cheaper for this the a open

  9. Min. winning bit was something like 41 111 111 credits and i put all i had 40 610 356 :/ didn’t get it 🙁

  10. ON eu servers sale 12000 pieces and watch stats on EU server only 2600 T-22 meds.. intresting watch statistic sides WG will suck us ..

  11. why doesn’t this site show RU ?? was curious how many they had for sale.

  12. got mine on the NA server for 43,000,034 after i changed my bid 4 time.. from 34 million to my last bid.Glad i watched Skill’s & QB stream. Gave me the info on how players were bidding.

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