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World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #7

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The Black Market deal is out and it’s a sale for the A-32, price tag: 7,500 Gold!

There are only a few limited number of vehicles available depending on regions:


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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #7

  1. what a joke! in US currency that $33.92 for low mid tier tank..

  2. RU server had anyway most amount of A-32 as it were even sold in premium store, but this never been on other servers. 10k on RU server, 3600 on EU server :/

    I did wait 7 years, it went in 25 seconds. I seriously feel something now…

  3. This is a very rare tank, and WG meant to keep it that way. It obviously wasn’t too expensive for collectors, or it wouldn’t have sold out immediately. I’m gonna start being on the lookout for them in my Luchs to shred them before they try to seal-club my teammates.

  4. Yeah, I wanted A-32 in my collection, and I got it. On the other hand I logged-in with my T-28e afterwards, and gave all those new A-32 owners hell 😀

  5. This tank is too weak to seal-club. The tank is more to “show in the garage” than to actually play. Been waiting for 10 years for it, got it, going to play a few battles with it and leave it in the garage for ever more 😀

  6. Got ace in game 2 where its speed helped me spot the entire other team HE on the lights and just general peak tactics with a healthy power to weight to keep it quick on the peak.

  7. A mediocre T4 sells in 30 seconds for 7500 Gold. Nice meme

  8. I ram-killed a luchs today from full health in my A32, felt so good. How can you not dominate and have fun in a tank which has mobility on par or better than tier 10 light tanks lol.

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