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World of Tanks 9.17.1 – Four Premium Added to Tech Tree

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Hello everyone,

As published yesterday, micropatch was delivered today and we got more Premium tanks available directly from the Tech Tree.

Why Wargaming stopped adding new Premium vehicles to Tech Tree has been one of my main questions to them, seems they decided to start reversing this and make more vehicles available. For some of you it might mean nothing, but for other players it might mean they are now able to purchase vehicles they wanted using Gold instead of cash. In my opinion, all Premium Vehicles (except reward ones) should be available directly in game.

3 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.17.1 – Four Premium Added to Tech Tree

    1. Just noticed your comment! I’ve just published some pictures of it 😀 Noticed that too! Only thing I didn’t find what is the actual change is Obj 907, can’t find a change in the armour.

  1. Dafaq so they are adding pantber M10 and 112 back? I though this was only to not have them hidden anymore if you have them in garage. Lol WG going crazy. Next they will make kv-220-2 and patriot/liberte available for gold. E-25 is comimg back. Type 59 this will be crazy.

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