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World of Tanks – New Graphics Initial Estimate Date

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Hello everyone,

For the ones who missed it, Victor Kislyi talked with Polygon regarding how he accepts blame and vows to renew focus on World of Tanks. In the middle of that article, he announced Wargaming is aiming to released the new graphics during August.

“The final overhaul is loosely scheduled for August of this year.”

This is still an estimated date, so please do remember this date can change. This could mean Wargaming is truly aiming to release everything in one go, as Thaine Lyman said during the Developers Q&A:

“Once we release it, it’s the game and not just one map now, another couple maps in 6 months…”

We in the other hand have another six months of waiting, but this will be worth. If we waited this long, what is another six months?