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Warning – Holiday Mode Incoming!

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Hello everyone,

Just a heads up that I’m going on holiday from the 4th to the 18th of September.

Don’t panic, I’m just going back to Portugal for two weeks, so the family can meet the little princess. I’ll have my laptop with me and a good internet connection, so I’ll keep the blog updated. Just be aware that it might be later on the day or at night, when I will have some time free.


Thought it would be a good idea just to let you readers updated.

15,466 thoughts on “Warning – Holiday Mode Incoming!

  1. You are doing a good job m8.
    Enjoy your holiday and recharge yourself. Thats what a holiday is for.

  2. Aproveite bem suas férias e tome um vinho do Porto caprichado, cara. Você está fazendo um bom trabalho aqui. Continue ***im. Abs

  3. Porto wine is actually my favourite drink. I’ve opened a 16 year old Vintage from 2000 to celebrate the birth of my daughter! And I’m from Porto 😀

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