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World of Warships – 0.5.11 Public Test Data Changes

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Hello everyone,

As per usual Vaexa published on Reddit the changes between 0.5.10 Live Server and 0.5.11 Public Test Server. Here’s what we got.

Data changes


  • Royal Navy cruisers, consumables, modules, floatplanes etc added
  • Permoflages added for Taiho, Baltimore, Udaloi, Ibuki, Kagero, Friedrich der Große, Essex

Balance changes


  • Kongo: A hull removed (replaced by B hull); B (new A) hull HP nerfed (54100 > 49500)
  • IJN BB and CV armour models reworked (for the armour viewer)
  • USN CV armour models reworked (ditto)
  • Some miscellaneous ships had their armour models tweaked slightly, nothing major (praise be, armour viewer)
  • Some ships had hull section HP pools redistributed, as part of the armour model reworks (nothing major)
  • Kirov: duplicate main gun mod II removed, secondary mod II added


  • USN fighters: ammo buffed (this was documented, roughly 33% extra ammo for each0
  • Supermarine Walrus: generally buffed slightly (speed, etc, by very slight amounts)


  • USSR and USN radar consumables: reload time halved (360 > 180 for the silver variant, 240 > 120 for the premium variant)

Text changes

  • Text added for new Epicenter mode
  • Text added for Royal Navy cruisers (names, descriptions, etc)
  • Text added for the pirate voice option
  • Lots of things rephrased again (armour group names and the like, the usual typo fixing and other very slight changes)