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Wargaming Fest Sold Out & An Adventure

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Hello everyone,

If you were planning a trip to Moscow to attend Wargaming Fest, but you haven’t yet bought tickets… You’re out of luck because because the event is now Sold Out. Seems it’s going to be big just like Wargaming wanted and myself will be there with other Community Contributors.


If you missed my last post about Wargaming Fest 2016, I was invited by Wargaming EU to go to WG Fest in Moscow. But being invited is one thing, make it happen is another.

When I was first invited back in the beginning of November, I was excited but that only lasted a few seconds. “I don’t have a Passport, I never needed one… What now?” I didn’t want to miss an opportunity like this and I had loads of things happening at work and my personal life.

I’ve started by contacting the London Portuguese Consulate and to my expectations, their help was: none. After countless tries to get a phone call pass the holding music and I don’t how many emails requesting an urgent appointment, I got told that to get the urgent appoint I had to provide flight tickets and they would arrange me an appointment after Christmas. I don’t have to say that I told them, I needed to travel on the 15th of December and that I didn’t have any travel information because I was invited, do I?

Almost giving up on the idea of travelling to Moscow, my wife suggests for me to travel back to Portugal on a Saturday, get the Passport done on the same day using an urgent service we have available there and return next day. She was already there since the previous Sunday, so I decided to spend quite a bit of my own money to travel there, pay extra for the urgent Passport and get it send to me. Just four days after I’ve requested the Passport in Portugal, I had it in my hands in the UK.

One problem solved, now to the next one! The VISA. To visit Moscow I would need a VISA, and I’m sure you might have heard it from other Community Contributors how hard can it be. My problem wasn’t necessarily the form, turns out because I’m Portuguese the form is two pages long and all they requested was why I was travelling to Moscow, who invited me and how long was my stay. Easy right?

Well, it would be easy if I had Wargaming invitation letter. It took weeks for Wargaming to send the letter in Russian, to a point where I actually thought I wouldn’t go because I wouldn’t have time to get the VISA done.

After a lot of asking and requesting, I got the letter send to me on Friday. Took me 30 minutes to fill up the form, a passport picture for the form and buy travel insurance, because you are required to have health insurance to cover you while you are in Russia.

Following Monday, two and half hours driving to London, to spend 15 minutes inside the Russian VISA Application Centre! If you ever want to visit Russia, be aware that the form varies accordingly to your nationality and you are required to deliver the form in person so you can get your finger prints taken. Together with it I had a bill for the London congestion charge and pay a fee for the VISA that also depends on your nationality.

Today, five working days after I’ve applied, another two and half hours driving to London just to spend 3 minutes in there to pick up my Passport. So it’s now official official that I’m going. Flight tickets? Check! Passport? Check! VISA? Check!

So, I’ll be travelling to Moscow next Thursday, 15th December and will be coming back on Sunday, 18th December. You can count with loads of exclusive information, pictures and I’ll be taking my GoPro so I can film as much as I can and upload it to my YouTube channel that I so rarely use.

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