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Loot Box in World of Tanks?

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Hello everyone,

Seems we might get a Loot Box system in World of Tanks. Those who play World of Warships know the daily missions were replaced with a Loot Box. Players have to get certain amounts of experience over the day and they can get three boxes for free. Inside these boxes, the player can get Credits, Gold, Flags, Premium Ships, Slots, Premium Account and more.


More details will be unveiled tomorrow, nothing is yet confirmed. In my opinion, if the system is similar to World of Warships, I would welcome it. It’s tested and proved that works, it would  give an extra incentive for players to play the game, knowing they could get more rewards for just playing the game. What do you think?

Source: WOT Express VK

Update #1

Got send the translation:

  • First Box – New Years battle tasks and get box with toys and presents.
  • Christmas Tree – Decorate the X-Mas Tree and Snowman-tank in your garage to increase Holiday Level
  • Second Box –  Box with a lot of nice presents for New Level Achievement

Some sources claim these will actually be identical to the Secret Santa Event from last year, but these are unconfirmed also. I really hope this could be some kind of test for a Loot Box system for World of Tanks, there has been rumours a couple of months ago, that Wargaming was working on a new reward system for World of Tanks. If all these rumours are true, we will find it tomorrow. I’ll keep updating the article accordingly.

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  1. There was a video by WGNA where the employee suggested that players should save their free XP, so maybe a box with an exclusive tank purchased with free XP like the Missouri in WoWs…or maybe he was just referring to the new Swedish tanks.

  2. this years Christmas event has ulterior motive as most of the gift boxes for completing levels is discounts on Swedish tanks where they are evidently encouraging players to use free exp to unlock them or use gold to convert free exp to convert etc,, not exactly a gift when you look at it that way ever since Halloween event wot has been dialing back rewards exponentially before Halloween event been years before you can win any gold whatsoever in this game and the tournaments ? those are woon by wallet players grinding out exp in premium tanks to convert for crew exp something FTP players don’t have luxury to do

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