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Wargaming aiming for Guinness World Record

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Wargaming will attempt a Guinness World Record this weekend during the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia event in Melbourn, with Arnold Schwarzenegger overseeing.

Eddie Williams, Australian strongman

Eddie Williams, Australian strongman, will attempt to pull an eight tonne FV102 Striker tank 10 meters during the event, looking to be the world’s fastest doing so. The stunt is in celebration of World of Tanks 1.0 update, coming out in a few days.

The record attempt will be the fourth event in the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia professional strongman competition, which begins 12.00 pm AEDT on 17 March at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. The event will also be live-streamed here.

15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming aiming for Guinness World Record

  1. They tried to get Arnold for WOT, but he has an exclusive contract with that Mobile Strike game.. So they got someone at a Arnold event with Arnold there… 😀 I wish I could be there to be honest 🙂

  2. “looking to be the world’s fastest doing so.”
    Is there a lot of people trying this?

  3. Too bad it’s not a “tank” but a missile carrier. Almost as bad as the people that think artillery are “tanks”

    It’s an armored vehicle reconnaissance cl*** vehicle.

  4. You paid, it’s not your money anymore… You could use the same argument to someone who owns a shop and buys a new car… lol

  5. Yeah, this is far better use of their revenue as opposed to hiring someone more qualified than Murazor as head of balance. There is a limit to how much you can kiss WG’s *** as balance continues to get more ****ed with each patch.

  6. That’s exactly what I mean, it all depends how they use the money we gave them. If they use the money we gave them on something related to the game, we’ll keep giving them money…if they use that money on something that is only related to the game by name and provides us no benefit, why are we giving them our money?…to spend it on some wild marketing stunt?…Do they really have so much money they’d rather spend it on such things instead of better game development? Are they mad?

  7. All companies have to invest in Marketing. If they don’t, no new clients and no increase in revenue.

  8. You don’t need to. The marketing guys at WG are either desperate as hell or borderline insane. I would like the latter at least.

  9. every tank weights at least over a ton, nothing small is used for tanks

  10. Since, I can’t reply to Harkonnen. This is meant for him, not you.

    Sure, companies should market their products. But making a good product first would sell itself because players would recommend this game to others. Look at the Super Bowl ads for WoT on the NA server. A lot of good that did, eh?

    Furthermore, this event is in Australia. What good is that going to do considering Australians would be playing either in the Asian server and the NA server and both these servers are the smallest WoT servers.

    As of now, the way the game is design fits more towards the mentality of Eastern Europeans and especially Russians. The game design now is just a put off for the Western market. Asians also tend to have the same mindset of Western gamers and that is why the Asian server is even smaller than the NA server.

    And as I mentioned earlier, balance has gone to **** so that also reflects negatively to Western and Asian gamers.

    This game is inconsequential in the E sport scene because of many issues. And not being able to be taken seriously in Esport outside of WGL is m***ive loss in marketing especially with Esport being a large and lucrative industry.

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