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VK 72.01 (K) Veteran Camouflage

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Hello everyone,

When Wargaming announced they would be introducing the VK 72.01 as a “normal Tier X tank, a lot of players went crazy about it, including me. The VK 72.01 (K) is a Clan Wars Reward Tank and it should have remained that way, but Wargaming got creative and changed it’s name to Pz.Kwf. VII and changed the gun to a 128mm… Voilá a brand new tank.

Only one question remained, what else could they give players who got the VK 72.01 (K) to make them happy? We will give them a special veteran camouflage.

I present to you, Wargaming definition of Veteran Camouflage.


Yes, it’s a washed up grey camouflage that is supposed to make players, like me, very proud of owning a VK 72.01 (K). It doesn’t offer any bonus or anything else different from a normal camouflage… I’ll just leave here a few more pictures of it, because I don’t know else I can say about this… Aside that I’m very disappointed for it.

Veteran Camouflage

15,466 thoughts on “VK 72.01 (K) Veteran Camouflage

  1. I’ve had this camouflage for a couple years on my VK now, along with the Erwin Rommel inscription as welk as a jousting knight emblem.

  2. For real m8… what did you expect?!? some fancy ****?
    After all it’s wargaming we are talking about…

  3. Yes, everyone got this camo and emblems with the tank after the campaign.

  4. Kinda offensive to those players who received this tank, as a reward for good play.
    It’s like receiving a new, cool bicycle and the manufacturer sends you playing cards to put in your spokes. Superficial, one-dimensional gesture.
    But, on-the-flip-side gratz to all the tankers who received this tank.
    Battle On!

  5. I already have this camoflage.. I got the VK 72.01 in the first campaign and I already have this camuflage and looks like ****..

  6. LOL. You thought Wargaming gives a **** about players. You’re thinking of money. Wargaming only gives a **** about money. And not previous money or even future money, they’re only interested in right now money. They’ll suck your *** dry for every penny and when they can’t think of anything else to sell you they’ll switch to a subscription model. When people decide they don’t want to pay for that, they’ll shut the server down and release World of Tanks 2, which will essentially be the same game but you’ll start over with nothing to show for all the money you gave them except shame and regret. Enjoy your NOT PzVII.

  7. Thats stupid to be completely honest. Not only should you feel disappointing but you should feel cheated that camo is the same scratched camouflage they gave players who got it in one of the first campaigns (on NA at least) I don’t Own a Vk 72 I chose a different tank but That would be infuriating if I was in that same situation

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