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Murazor on Update 9.17.1

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Hello everyone,

Update 9.17.1 brought a lot of changes to several vehicles, especially German ones. When these changes were finally introduced to the Live Server, a few things started to stand out. Several Russian Youtubers and other Contributors have pointed out that several of these vehicles who received a buff, started to stand out and this increase isn’t good.

“Currently we are collecting statistics and information actively. After that, we will take measures accordingly to correct these tanks. One of these examples is the Maus, it shows a big change on it’s statistics and performance.”

Source: MurazorTV


So it seems Wargaming decided to show some love for the German vehicles and now they changed their mind. I think these changes on statistics most probably are reflected by the fact a lot of good players started to play with these vehicles again, and even average players now can do some decent games with them. Time will tell if these statistic changes were just a “glitch in the matrix”, of if these vehicles really are in need of a nerf.


15,466 thoughts on “Murazor on Update 9.17.1

  1. If they nerf the Maus back down it’ll piss a lot of people off. There’s nothing attractive about a superheavy tank if it can’t bounce shots.

  2. I doubt they will nerf Maus’s armour as the first step. Remember, it got fairly significant buffs to HP, gun handling and DPM as well, and honestly it got a lot of buffs. I say let’s wait and see. The tank might really be overperforming, which means that it deserves a nerf.

  3. Maybe if they removed the concept of premium ammo all of the armor problems in the game would be gone, so absurd **** like the new Maus and Type 5 wouldn’t have to happen. This Murazor guy is a ****ing clown who has zero clue about balance, ever since he was appointed as chief of balance all we got are pay2win premiums and overbuffed superheavies that are completely idiot-proof, tomatoes can simply point their super-tank at the enemy base, press the R and 2 keys twice, pewpew along the way and get 2k dmg with 0 effort.

  4. Lol…for once German Tanks get buffed and they already thinking about nerfs….lol
    Meanwhile is3, defender and countless other Russian tanks that have been broken for years are still broken. Not to mention the grille 15 and e5 are complete and utterly **** now. Will they buff them both again? Lol good joke WG balance….

  5. I guess people are ******s without any reasonable doubt…if mouse is op go re/buy it and rule the battlefield…don,t cry that is op just enjoy it.
    If mouse was op than the battlefield should be full of them…but no such thing is happening.
    ******s shoud stop crying about op tanks in order that wg should nerf all tanks untill nobody will play the game…

  6. “Several Russian Youtubers and other Contributors have pointed out.”
    Harkonnen, are you stating this or is Murazor stating this point?

  7. Oy vey blyats, we can’t have fashisty tanks being good, its like annuda patriotic war

  8. The Maus is dumb as hell the way it is right now. Either they nerf this or it sets a new standard which all the other tanks are going to have to get buffed up in order to compete with. WG can’t balane their game for ****.

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