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Update 9.19.1 Armour Changes

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With Update 9.19.1 there will be a few armour changes in all tanks converted into HD. Because I just got back from Tankfest 2017, instead of taking these images myself, I’ll share what WOT-Express has published.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 9.19.1 Armour Changes

  1. Those Sherman values are pretty BS. But WG never cared for historical accuracy, even in a case where it doesnt make the tank either OP or UP. But yer know.

  2. Historical values are considered bad for gameplay. The Sherman values are in line with all other Sherman already in HD of the same variant: Fury and Thunderbolt. So I don’t understand the “rant”

  3. lol, they made the sherman go from cardboard to paper.. why the hell would they make it even worse :/

  4. Wow, pretty “buff” on turret armor. Oh, say hi to more engine damage & fires.

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