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Update 1.12.1: Common Test 2 Is Here!

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The second Common Test of Update 1.12.1 is here with some small bug fixes. Nothing much coming with the update, if all goes well, we might get the update released on April 13 or April 20, depending on if we get a CT3 or not.

Patch Notes

Main Changes

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue of SPG players hearing the sound of a travelling projectile after it had already detonated.
  • Fixed the issue of the mouse cursor not changing under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue of some elements of the Platoon interface not being displayed.
  • Fixed the issue of some sound effects not playing for vehicles featuring the Siege mode when their hull was tilted.
  • Fixed the issue of the team HP pool bar not displaying under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue in Steel Hunter mode where destroyed vehicles could continue to fight in battle, while being considered destroyed by the system, making them invulnerable.

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