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Tiger II (H) – In Garage Pictures – Possible Ace Tank?

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Hello everyone,

Tiger II (P) got renamed to Tiger II (H) with Update 9.17.1. I’ve got some screen shots of it while in the garage so you guys can see how it looks at the moment.

Tiger II (H) Pictures

The name made me think of something… Wargaming introduced a Tiger II (H) with historical parameters, also we got the Jagdtiger (H) with historical parameters, could these vehicles be coming to the game as Ace Tanks?

We recently had the M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII announced, the first official Premium Ace Tank, and during Wargaming Fest 2016 we had a picture of Tiger I Carius, could these vehicles be Premium Ace Tanks coming to the game? Both of them have an historical setup, both of them have an (H) currently on their name… I don’t know, what you guys think? It does look this could be true. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Maybe they just corrected the name of the tank. For the Tiger II there were two initial variants – one with a turret designed by Porsche (Tiger II (P)) and one with the Henschel (production) turret (Tiger II (H)) – on the pictures you see the Henschel variant. For the Jagdtiger the Germans used some leftover Porsche suspensions – but the production variant came also from Henschel. Check the Wiki article for more details:

  2. Sounds reasonable. However, you would expect somewhat more allied tanks. A T-34-85, maybe a firefly – there are a few more tanks which were commanded by aces that are notable absent. That said, the jagdtiger is definitely the odd one out here.

  3. Not sure what exactly an “Ace Tank” would be in the game’s context. And I’m still not sure I like these. :p

  4. I know all of that, but I don’t think is related. If you look at the Thunderbolt, it has it’s historical setup, these two H tanks also have their historical setup. I don’t see any other reason for Wargaming to introduce them to the game, if they are not going to be a Ace Tank… the H could be just for “Supertesters” to know why the tank is going to be introduced in the game.

  5. Yes, we can expect more Allied tanks than German ones, but it wouldn’t be “strange” to get these vehicles too as Ace Tank. Kurt Knispel commanded a Tiger II before he died.

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