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Example of New Light Tech Trees

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Hello everyone,

If you are curious on how the Tech Tree will look like when Tier X Light Tanks are introduced, you don’t have to wait no more. Here’s some screenshots of how they might look like in the final version. Please take in consideration this is just an example of how the Tech Trees might look. Please also note:

  • Russian Tier VII LTG is missing;
  • Russian T-50 will be moved to Tier V and will be connected directly to MT-25.
  • American T71 will have connections from T21 and T37
  • Tier IV Vehicles are not balanced yet.

Source: WOT Express VK

15,466 thoughts on “Example of New Light Tech Trees

  1. Damn, the french and US tech trees would really be historically ******ed if their are implemented that way… 🙁

  2. Really hope they add the T71 CMCD to the T37 line at tier 7… going from a single shot gun to an autoloader and then back to a single shot gun is terrible for line progression.

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