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Supertest: VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28 Full Characteristics

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The VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28 full characteristics have been shared by the usual Russian Supertesters! The vehicle is nothing more than a copy of the current VK 28.01 with the old 10,5 cm derp gun in it! Why? The nostalgia of course.

The vehicle will most likely be the upcoming Well-Deserved Reward in November 2021, but we will have to wait and see. For now, here are the full characteristics of the vehicle.

All characteristics are with a crew trained to 100% and subject to change before the final release.







VK 28.01 verstärkteketten VK 28.01 Ausf. B 10,5 cm Kw.K L/28 Argus 12LD330HL FuG 12 A
Firepower - 80
Average Damage per Shot (HP) 350/350/410
Average Penetration (mm) 64/104/53
Rate of Fire  (rounds/min) 6.95
Reload Time (s) (magazine/shell/quantity) 8.63
Gun Traverse Speed  (deg/s) 45.89
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles  (deg) -10/20
Aiming Time (s) 2.21
Dispersion at 100 m (m) 0.53
Average Damage per Minute  (HP/min) 2 434
Survivability - 39
Hit Points (HP) 680
Hull Armour (front/sides/rear mm) 50/30/30
Turret Armour (front/sides/rear mm) 50/30/30
Mobility - 743
Weight/Load Limit (t) 26.86/29.00
Engine Power (h.p.) 700
Specific Power (h.p./t) 26.06
Top Speed/Reverse Speed (km/h) 64/22
Traverse Speed (deg/s) 47.98
Concealment - 233
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%) 14.25/3.52
Concealment of Moving  Vehicle (%) 14.25/3.52
Spotting - 550
View Range (m) 380
Signal Range (m) 741
Firepower Hidden Stats
Dispersion moving 0.14
Dispersion tank traverse 0.14
Dispersion turret traverse 0.16
Dispersion after firing Unknown
Dispersion gun damaged Unknown
Mobility Hidden Stats
Hard Terrain Resistance 0.70
Medium Terrain Resistance 0.80
Soft  Terrain Resistance 1.70
Hard Terrain Traverse (deg/s) 45.58
Medium Terrain Traverse (deg/s) 39.88
Soft Terrain Traverse (deg/s) 18.77

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  1. There is literally nothing could be done in WOT that I can imagine being more exciting than this! 🙂

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