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Supertest: Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy and FV4005 Changes

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Wondering when Wargaming would be doing something about the problematic Japanese super heavy tanks, Type 4 and Type 5? Very soon, modified versions of these vehicles will roll out onto the Supertest, together with the British tank destroyer FV4005 Stage II. The changes being introduced are significant, but are they the necessary ones?

Both Japanese heavies will have the stats of their top guns, 14-cm and 15-cm, tweaked. The former’s rounds will increase in armour penetration from 249 mm to 252 mm for the standard shell and from 282 mm to 290 mm for the special shell.

The changes to the 15-cm cannon (“the HE gun”) will be more severe. The damage of its basic HE round will decrease from 1,100 to 900 points, and the special round will change from HE to HESH, with armour penetration increasing to 192 mm and damage decreasing from 1,400 to 750 points.

Besides all that, the top Japanese heavy will become more mobile, gaining 4 km/h in the top forward speed, 3 km/h in the top reverse speed, and 3 degrees in hull traverse rate. Its specific power will grow, and gun dispersion on the move and while turning will decrease. These stat adjustments are to lessen the HE damage share in the overall output of the top Japanese heavies, without revising these vehicles’ basic concept.

The changes described above will make the 15-cm gun less efficient, especially against high-tier adversaries. At the same time, the alternate gun will fare a little bit better, in part because of the general changes to the parameters of the Tier X tank, hopefully making two playstyles available to players.

The stats of the British queen of alpha strikes, the FV 4005, are about to change a lot, too. Most of the tweaks deal with the chassis. The top forward speed will decrease from 35 km/h to 32 km/h and the top reverse will drop from 12 km/h to 8 km/h. The same will happen to the engine power, down to 850 hp from 950 hp and the hull traverse rate down to 26 degrees from 30 degrees.

The gun itself will have less accuracy with dispersion upped from 0.38 to 0.42 and will take longer to aim, 3.70 seconds vs 3 seconds. With these adjustments implemented, the FV 4005 will retain its key feature, HESH shells with high armour penetration allowing for colossal alpha, with the overall effectiveness of the vehicle decreasing only slightly.

Please remember, these changes are not final and can change before implemented in the live server. What are your thoughts? Will the Japanese heavy tanks be balanced now, or are these changes not enough? And what about the FV4005 Stage II? Let us know in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy and FV4005 Changes

  1. “rounds will increase in armour penetration from 249 mm to 252 mm for the standard shell”

    That 3 mm extra penetration will help a lot.

    “overall effectiveness of the vehicle decreasing only slightly”

    In what world is this considered “slightly?”

  2. Buffs to the 14cm are welcome but don’t seem good enough. As for the 15cm… they should just remove it all together. Should never have been added onto the tanks.

    Seriously, how WG interperated “buff the 14cm” as “give it a 15cm derp” is one of lifes great mysteries

  3. The reason I stopped playing this game, Jap Heavies. Should just get removed period.

  4. 1 milimeter pen buff on that caliber is not equal to 1 milimeter of 90 mm gun’s penetration.

  5. Its bloody nerfs to the Japanese Heavies that are needed. Not bloody gun changes.

  6. So they buff the FV only to slow it down again? The tank isnt even overpowered. Why touch it if its not broken?

    Also why would they make the types faster? Wouldnt this be the same “mistake” they did to the FV?

    They should take out the Derps and just put an average 750 alpha AP gun with a hesh gold round tbh for the Types.

  7. that Type 4/5 “nerf” is understandable, but I don’t like the speed buff (as it were the way WG tried to “compensate” for 15cm nerf)

    on the other hand. FV4005’s nerf is unneccesary, since the 4005 was meant to be a paper-thin armored, slightly more mobile and more accurate version of the FV215b (183). and it’s already good as it was, what is the point of removing things that make this vehicle unique?

  8. Great changes to the Japanese tanks. About the FV4005 I’m not so sure… I think that it is bad already, at least worst than the FV215b 183, and it needed a buff, not a nerf…

  9. Typically WG! FV4005 needs a Buff not to be nerfed . This tank is trash! You can’t run, you can’t hide, its gun is very unreliable already, you have any armor…but they decided to Buff OBJ 279.If they nerf it i wil stop playing this game! Enough is enough!

  10. Typically WG! FV4005 needs a Buff not to be nerfed . This tank is trash! You can’t run, you can’t hide, its gun is very unreliable already, you have any armor…but they decided to Buff OBJ 279…If they nerf it i will stop playing this game! Enough is enough!

  11. Too many armchair experts crying about being killed because they’re too stupid to think “hmm going in the open when I know an FV45 will likely be there” Turret removed from tank “AAAARG NERF THAT POS!!!”

    Or simply a case of them ruskies not liking how there is a tank from a Nato forces country that can evacuate the inside of their tank with one shot.

  12. The FV is just a touch to mobile for having such a big gun in its current state

  13. why the only thing the even close to op on the 4005 is the prem hesh rounds if they nerf them to say~1400-1450 it be comes “balanced”,the 4005 with this nerf is going to be worse than it was pre-buff. but the types need an armor nerf,make the weak spots weaker,the add speed is ok,BUT NERF THE ARMOR

  14. are you willing to keep the 1100 alpha in exchange for the speed and accuracy buff? cause you cant have both. i admit the reload speed should be slightly increased to comparable average DPM as AP gun though

  15. I like the fv4005 nerf, but at the same time, I DONT. WHY AIMTIME, AND DISPERSION? ANYTHING BUT DISPERSION!!! now the 4005 cant aim at weakspots. great. i like the type alpha nerf from 1400 down to 900 (lol) nobody used the standard HE. why did they buff the 279 belly, and why is the 95/fv the new best turret in the game with a 140 pen hesh

  16. Why nerf FV4005? Because it’s not tank from Soviet Russia! Only tanks from Soviet Russia are allowed to be OP, other nations get their tanks nerfed. Only war heroes from Soviet Russia are allowed in the game, German war heroes are considered “unsuitable”. Welcome to Communist Gaming.

  17. Not happy with the 4005 nerf. Its ok as it is. Are the Russians complaining they get hit too often? Sounds like typical WG slight of hand.

  18. the fv is so ****ing crucially gamechanging, so stupid that a tank can literally screw a players game over with one shell. the do it again in 24 seconds. so ****ing stupid. nerf the hesh shells, thats the only nerf the fv needs.

  19. Sigh.

    I don’t know where to begin.

    I am glad I deleted this game last week, I spent ages grinding for the ****barn, I really enjoyed playing it, but it’s not OP at all.

    It’s so inaccurate and the aimtime is horrific, you can have a fully aimed in shot that totally misses, go reload for another 24seconds. Also, tracks eat HESH shells all the time. Penetrations that do full damage are so rare. None of the FV4005 changes are required, it is purely down to not wanting a British tank being competitive. Why does a tank with such thing armour and a centurion ch***is deserve to be so slow? Obj. 268 V4 CYKA BLYAT SUPER OP MOBILITY DA.

    Type-4 & Type-5 complainers. Go and play one and wait and see how long it takes before every single Russian tank loads HEAT and goes through your frontal armour like its butter.

    Yes it’s OP against Tier 8, so what? Almost every Tier X tank is.

  20. That is a good start. I believe it’s the right path even if it comes a bit later, and tons off players migrated already. But all in one it is the right path.
    Now help new players rebalancing/nerfing low tier (5 and 6) spg(m44, and the like of them) please.
    Thank you

  21. Its as if wargaming nerfs and or removes every vehicle Im grinding to get right before i get it…..aka WTE100!

  22. feoffle i feel the some r***a tanks just loading gold and its a pinjata shot right in the face with the 5-7 sec reloads while you can’t do anything while the load realod.. ofc maybe Type 4 5 need a nerf but this low pen on the guns are just..right now wot turned into world of r***a tanks no point to hide it they never nerf like object 430 u and so on..

  23. you are implying that everyone plays tanks with no armor. But in reality, at least 50% of tier X players play HT/ heavily armored TD on a regular basis, and lets not forget all those hull down mediums that are nearly impenetrable. Even if you get to shoot the flat side of a bat ****, most of the time RNG would decide the shot should go to the edge of your aiming circle and you hit its tracks and only do ~700 damage to it. For 10k credits.

    Go give it a try, I can guarantee you will only get one penetrating shot for every 10 battles. Of course unless your enemy plays terribly.

  24. Just give the FV the same stats as the KV-2 and it will be a god.

  25. So, the 15CM gun will be totally useless. E100/t10 Pl/705A, got a better HE, + heat + standard… Some even got a better caliber!

    WG balancing…

  26. I allways wondered why spoiled western brats are constantlly whining about “Russian bias”…Try playing tier X late at night or after midnight when MM puts you among all tier X…Constantlly 3-4 of FV’s in enemy team…One wrong move and bye, bye…Now those ” Russian bias” whiners say:” But it’s every 3-4-5 that you oneshot someone”. Yup, and when you have 3-4 of them against you, voila! Some noob send you in garage because you did one little error. You know only whining about cra py “defender the potato gun” and “bobject nerfed to oblivion- pen me frontally if you have 200 pen”… Or 430u ” drink a cup of tea while waiting your HEAT hits the enemy- if it hits”. What would you like? Rambo kils 1000 Rusians with bow and arrow?

  27. Well it has better armour than those, wayyyyy better. So cant have equal gun. That’s how balancing works.

  28. I actually like having the Type 4/5 in the game to prevent it from just becoming World of Hull-Down. They’re easy enough to kill for competent players and have a ****ty reload to balance. Really don’t see why they needed the change.

  29. Man, just remove the premium HE from the 15 cm gun, and replace it with a 330 pen 650-750 dmg heat. That’s really all they needed to do.
    As for the FV… just let it be…it’s fine I don’t have it, but I’ve killed them quite more often than they’ve killed me.


  31. Apparently WG has no clue about their own game mechanics:

    With those changes the HE guns on the Types would become actually worse than the 15cm gun on the O-Ho. That HESH is almost completely useless and illogical, HEAT or AP with those stats would be more reasonable. Or give the 193mm pen to the standard HE round and leave the old 1100 alpha+75mm pen as premium.
    And the “buffs” for the 14cm guns are a bad joke, basically a Type couldn’t pen another Type frontally even with those buffed premium rounds.

  32. Create bigger weak spots for the Japanese tanks…or remove them from the game

  33. Thomas Hickman:

    Do you even has a Type4??
    Its armor thickness is only good on paper. 250mm flat armor is not holding any water even against tier8 tanks (tier 7 yes. it can bounce tier 7 all day. but that is not the typical mm for it.). And don’t start me on when they decide to shoot gold at you. Your flat armor rarely bounce anything. Last day I “charged” on malinovka on the hill. before i even able to shoot back i received 3 pen from tier 9 tanks and lost half of my hp.
    The typ 4 ha nos speed to charge or retreat,
    the turret is in the middle of the tank so no corner fight for you,
    Flat armor what looks good only on paper
    And it has weak spots too and those are easy to hit and impossible to hide.

  34. Anyone that plays the Types knows that good players shooting gold rounds at them makes them no better than other tanks – they’re penned easily, especially the Type 4. For their premium rounds, a gold HE round should do more damage and less penetration – do that instead of this HESH BS. Indeed, these tanks are the only defense against World of Hull Down Super Conquerors and Objects Pick a Number. They’ll be even more useless after these changes. And, they are noob friendly for players new to Tier 10. You are hosed by WG again if you grinded up to these tanks or worse yet, spent money on free experience to get them.

  35. The Japanese heavies are due nerfing into the ground. As they are any noob without a ounce of skill can have big games in the jap heavies. They are the most noob friendly teir 10 heavy. The fv however does not need nerding in any way. Any one who plays this tank knows that with the lack of armor, and mediocre mobility, if you make a single mistake, you will usually pay with the death of your non armoured tank. The gun is adequate, as you can’t rush your aim, if you do even close up it will often miss. I think these FV changes are completely misguided. The FV requires a skilled individual and patient person to play it will, with good map knowledge. Noobs don’t do well in this tank, unlike they do in the Jap heavies.

  36. don’t cry if you see when game starts there is an FV4005…. you must try other gameplay then

  37. indeed dont change this tank… it cost a fortune to miss no nerf for FV4005
    because you must be able to do a last schot on a stat player who is thinking hey has already won the battle

  38. What about the people who already grinded it? How would we compensate them?

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