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Supertest: Turtle Mk. I British Tank Destroyer

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The Turtle Mk. I was a School of Tank Technology project released just post-war. Very little is known and only a single picture of it survives today, as the original documents have long since gone. Thanks to Ed Webster, Wargaming was able to recreate this vehicle in-game to possibly introduce it as a British Tier VIII Premium tank destroyer.

The Turtle Mk. I, a British Tier VIII TD, will be supertested in no time. It’s born into the British assault tank family headed by the TD FV217 Badger, taking after the latter in both appearance and specs. The first thing you want to know about the “testee” is that its survivability reaches 1400 HP which is quite impressive for the tier. The armour is the second thing you will definitely admire: it’s 228 mm at the front.

Everything has its price, in this case, the price is low mobility. With 20 km/h as its max speed, you will hardly be able to dash about the map. The best tactic is to choose the direction for attack from the get-go and stick to it to the end of the battle.







Turtle Mk. IN/AOQF 55-pdr AT GunRolls-Royce Meteor PWS No. 19 Special

That said, the Turtle Mk. I has an ace up its sleeve: its gun. Sporting 3000 DPM, it reloads in 6.6 s with the alpha reaching 330 points. The dispersion and aiming time are no less decent being 0.34 at 100 m and 1.7 s, respectively. Let’s see how the vehicle disposes with the enemy armour: penetration with a standard AP shell is 217 mm and a special APCR round will make a dent in the opposing vehicle 245 mm deep. One more special thing about this TD: the depression angle of -10 degrees and the traverse limits of 20 degrees both to the left and to the right (which, as you know, is crucial for a tank destroyer).

Let’s sum up: though the Turtle Mk. I can’t boast a speedy pace, it causes damage at a rate that can impress! Its survivability and firepower combined allow you to destroy the enemy before it destroys you! If protected by heavy tanks from a rear attack, the Turtle Mk. I can succeed both in keeping the enemy at bay and breaking its defence.

Hit Points1,400 (HP)
Hull Armour228 / 101 / 76 (mm)
Turret Armour— / — / — (mm)
Penetration226 / 258 / 42 (mm)
330 / 330 / 430 (HP)
Rate of Fire
9.48 (rpm)
Reload Time
6.33 (s)
Turret Traverse Speed20.86 (deg/s)
Depression / Elevation-10 / +20 (deg)
Accuracy0.33 (a)
Aim Time1.63 (s)
Damage per Minute3,129 (HP/m)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot(a)
on Turret Traverse (a)
on Vehicle Move(a)
on Vehicle Traverse(a)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing (a)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving (a)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing (a)
Weight / Load Limit60.0 / 66.0 (t)
Engine Power800 (h.p.)
Specific Power
13.33 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed20 / 10 (km/h)
Chassis Traverse Speed23.99 (deg/s)
Terrain Resistance— / — / —  (m/s2)
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)13.28 / 2.78 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%)7.98 / 1.67 (%)
View Range370 (m)
Signal Range595 (m)

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  1. Okay, so it’s basically a stock, pre-9.21 Tortoise being downtiered as a tier 8 premium.

    I’m not against it, because someone might need it to train turretless British TD crew.

    But, what mismerized me is the fact how they can find another British “***ualt Tank” to be included in the game, yet didn’t uptiering the post-buff Tortoise to tier 10 despite how ridiculously strong it was.

  2. ohhh wg its needs better base pen its awful at 217mm in this day and age its another gold spam tank where u wont make any profit bc gun has s…… pen

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