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Supertest: T78 Full Details

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The T78 was a July 1943 project to arm the Chaffee chassis with a 90mm gun in an M36 turret. By that time, however, the Chaffee wasn’t even in the prototype stage, so this concept was purely theoretical. It was put on half in August 1943, because the Chaffee chassis was yet to prove itself. Despite the fact the Chaffee project was successful, the T78 development was never resumed.

At the moment, the T78 is planned to be introduced in World of Tanks as Tier VI Premium tank destroyer. The full details have been made available by WOT Express and a massive thanks to Milkyman for creating us a 3D model of the tank so we can have a preview of it. Please remember, all the details are subject to change before final release from Supertest.







M24 M36T74 90mm Gun M3 Wright Continental

Please Note
These characteristics apply to the vehicle with the crew trained to 100%. Please note they might change as they are from Supertest stage.
Tier VI
Hit Points 600 (HP)
Hull Armour 25 / 25 / 19 (mm)
Turret Armour 76  / 25 / 25 (mm)
Penetration 160 / 221 / 45 (mm)
240 / 240 / 320 (HP)
Rate of Fire
7.54 (rpm)
Reload Time
7.96 (s)
Gun Traverse Speed 20.90 (deg/s)
Depression / Elevation -10 / +20 (deg)
Accuracy 0.364
Aim Time 1.73 (s)
Damage per Minute 1,809 (HP/m)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot 3.356 (?)
on Turret Traverse 0.153 (?)
on Vehicle Move 0.240 (?)
on Vehicle Traverse 0.240 (?)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing 3.070 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving 13.180 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing 7.190 (?)
Weight / Load Limit 25.15 / 26.50 (t)
Engine Power 550 (h.p.)
Specific Power
21.86 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 55 / 14 (km/h)
Chassis Traverse Speed 30.0 (deg/s)
Terrain Resistance 1.055 / 1.247 / 2.205 (m/s2)
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%) 31.8 / 7.57 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%) 19.1 / 4.55 (%)
View Range 370 (m)
Signal Range 750 (m)
Crew Members CommanderGunnerDriverLoader
Source: WOT Express

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: T78 Full Details

  1. I had hoped for a crew of five … shame :(. But kudos about the 3D model – awesome job, Milkyman!

  2. Was really hoping that if the T78 ever made it to the game, it would be as a replacement for the T25/2, since the T25/2 is a fake design.

    But now I guess the only thing that could replace it would be the Super Hellcat…

  3. but Super Hellcat is the same in WoT
    irl it was M18 Hellcat with the 76mm gun but in wot you can mount this big *** turret and 90mm gun into it.
    So does the Super Hellcat has better enginge or what?

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