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Supertest: Object 777 Version II Changes

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The Soviet heavy tank Object 777 Version II isn’t new and has been in the game files since 2015 as a Tier X vehicle,but that doesn’t mean Wargaming doesn’t have any plans for it! The Object 777 Version II, was down tiered to a Tier IX as a non-researchable tank and is now entering the Supertest.

Object 777 Version II
Object 777 Version II

Okay, so what is the Object 777 Version II at Tier IX, what is it like? It’s a mobile tank with a low profile, well-sloped side armour and a menacing 122-mm gun, the ?62-?2.

However, The Object 777 Version II has poor accuracy, low hull traverse and turret traverse speed, mediocre gun depression angles (-5°) and low DPM. In addition, due to the small size of the vehicle, penetrating shells can cause serious damage to Crew members and its modules.

Given all of the above, The Object 777 Version II is best suited for close combat, in the thick of battle, on locations with more or less flat terrain.

The vehicle will be a reward for either Frontlines or Ranked battles. Of course, the characteristics of the vehicle are still under revision and might change at any time. What do you think? Yet another Soviet heavy tank, to strong for it’s Tier? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Update: WOT Express and some of my sources confirmed the vehicle isn’t for Ranked Battles or Frontlines. Turns out, Wargaming has other plans that might include (wink, wink) bonds. Could this be one of the reasons why we didn’t get vehicles for Bonds in the shop?

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Object 777 Version II Changes

  1. And here I was hoping the Frontline Tier IX would be worth the pain. Words can’t express how sick I am of the Bobject flood.

  2. This isn’t the frontlines tank because the model isn’t made yet, this is the reward for ranked

  3. Yay more russian prems. We have little and they’re so underpowered

  4. I think it is for frontlines cause ranked isnt for a while and since frontlines just ended episode 3 and you wont be able to get this thing til episode 7/8 they have plenty of time to finish the model plus why would they release details of the ranked battle one first when it isnt even out while the frontlines has been out

  5. Well on wotexpress it says that this is neither the reward for FL or Ranked so we will have to see how you can actually get this tank, maybe from the bondshop in the future? Hmm…

  6. all what i want to ask is when the ranked will come , more than one year now !! 1 year the human waits to play the ranked .. i’m really so mad at this

  7. I rather prefer obj 120 as the tier 9 reward tank, if wg already put t-103 in game adding this tank would mean that next line is a turreted soviet one

  8. actually the model is already made, this tank has been in the game files as a tier 10 HT you can even view it through

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