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Supertest: New Map Last Frontier Arrives at Supertest

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World of Tanks Supertest gets yet another new map: Last Frontier. With a Summer setting and size of 1,000 by 1,000 meter, the map offers mixed gameplay for all classes. No further details shared about the plans for this map.

Gameplay Description

  1. A lowland, well protected from fire from the sides. Allows tough vehicles not to worry about being flanked. However, the more elevated parts of zone 1 has lines of fire to zone 2.
  2. A position with influence on some parts of zone 1, with a view towards the bases.
  3. Central zone. Connected with zones 2 and 4. Generally, creates one big front.
  4. A dangerous passage for spotting hills in position 5. Not primary. More of an alternative route.
  5. Positions for long-range shooting.

Map Screenshots

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