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Supertest: New Frontline Map – Suburbia

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A brand new map for the Frontline mode is about to enter closed testing. Currently designated Suburbia, the map is split into six zones to defend and capture and there are five large guns for the attackers to destroy.

The new map is set in the winter, at the suburbs of a post-WWII central European city. You can battle it out in open areas with complex terrain, small towns, ruins of old castles, a power station, a quarry, vast military bunkers and amoung that: tunnels. For the first time in World of Tanks, Wargaming is thinking of introducing tunnels to the gameplay, but how is that going to work, we will have to wait for the test results.

  • The first line of defence is chiefly made up of city blocks with some open passages and approaches. Expect close-to-mid-range fighting here.
  • The second defensive line is less urban, featuring large terrain folds at the flanks that favour bold and swift moves to take the best tactical positions. The power station in the middle is a true redoubt, being one of the most densely built-up parts of the map.
  • The last line (the zone with primary targets) has a mixed landscape with varied terrain shapes. There are military bunkers here, so large you can enter them to outmanoeuvre your adversaries or to fight them inside.

The map is currently in the works and its looks aren’t final. There isn’t yet a release date to when it’s going live, so we will have to wait for further news.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: New Frontline Map – Suburbia

  1. New frontline map is always welcome.

    But, to be honest, the cold war themed maps looks odd to me. Considered that most of tier 8 tanks were came from WW2 era. and, these helicopters were the same mood breaker like one from Minsk.

  2. Most Tanks @tier8 are late war prototypes or post-war

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