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Supertest: K-91-PT Changes for the better!

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The Soviet power wasn’t good enough in the K-91-PT tank destroyer, and today Supertest received the second iteration of this vehicle… with some buffs!

The changes aren’t extensive, but they aren’t for the worse:

  • Dispersion on the move changed from 0.19 (8.55) to 0.14 (7.28)
  • Dispersion on hull traverse changed from 0.19 (8.92) to 0.14 (6.57)
  • Frontal armour changed from 230mm to 260mm
  • Maximum Top Speed changed from 45km/h to 52 km/h
  • Maximum Reverse Speed changed from 20km/h to 23km/h
  • View Range changed from 360m to 390m

As always, remember these are Supertest stats and can change at any moment without warning!

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