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Supertest: Epic Achievements Changes

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Hello everyone,

With the upcoming introduction of Tier X Light Tanks, some Epic Achievements will get changed. Here’s some information from the Supertest Sandbox Server.

Update #1 – 18/03/2017

I’ve updated the article with new pictures. Also, there seems to be a quite a bit of confusion why these medals needed to be changed. Please don’t forget, when the Tier X Light Tanks are introduced, each team will only have three artillery per team, so these changes were necessary or some of the medals would be impossible to get.

  • Burdaa’s Medal: Changed from five or more enemy self-propelled guns, to three and they need to be at least one tier above.
  • Dumitru’s Medal: Changed from destruction of four enemy self-propelled guns, to three.
  • Pascucci’s Medal: Changed from destruction of three enemy self-propelled guns, to two.
  • Yoshio Tamada’s Medal: Changed from destruction of 3 enemy self-propelled guns, to two.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Epic Achievements Changes

  1. Is there any info on how they’ll deal with the already received old versions? Feels a bit unfair having killed 5 arty in a single game to get the burdas medal and then it gets changed to 3 which basically changes it from epic to semi-regular achievement. Having the same amount of arty players with cap of three instead of five should lead to more regular 3 arty battles. Something like they did with sniper and bölter’s medals would be nice

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