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LPWOT – An Amateur World of Tanks League

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Hello everyone,

Every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s you might see me talk about LPWOT on Twitter, but only a very few of you might know what I’m talking about. So what’s LPWOT?


More than an idea, it’s an attempt to unite a Community.

LPWOT is the Portuguese short name for World of Tanks Portuguese League, a project made by players for players, with the idea of creating a competitive league  where clans play against each other twice a week. The major difference between LPWOT and WGL is the fact it’s not teams who play it, but clans.

Several other formats were trialed before, but the Community never really came together to support such a project, But this time was different. The Community came together, established an Administration panel to organize the league and eighteen clans are now fighting for a place in the TOP 8. These eight clans will then have to fight against each other in a typical brackets tournament until only one clan is left victorious.

From Players, For Players

When someone says from players, for players, LPWOT is the perfect example. The Administration board is made of three Clan Commanders and each from a different Clan, each battle has a moderator from a different clan, even the Twitch Channel is from a player from one of the participating Clans.

A community that was constantly fighting and arguing, is now together in a single project and now more than ever these players just have one thing in their minds: make the Portuguese WOT Community great. To do this, they had to put differences aside and work together in a product that it still in it’s infancy, but it’s already attracting a lot of attention.

With Media Partners like RTP Arena, the League is now becoming more serious and a lot more competitive. RTP Arena, the only eSports channel in Portugal, is now planning to interview three World of Tanks players and LPWOT will have a weekly reference on their Magazine. But none of this wouldn’t be possible if players didn’t decide to work together.

An Amateur League with loads of potential.

“Your show come across as professional, well ordered, and for the most part polished. Not surprised they (RTP Arena) will be covering.”

Edward ‘BTed72’ Arrindell

Everyday the league is Live there are difficulties and obstacles to overcome, but they aren’t big enough to stop these players from getting ready to play, comment or just watch from the comfort of their sofas, every match day.

With Season Zero coming to an end, a new start is already planned.

The pilot season or also know as Season Zero, is just a test, where the Stream is improved each day, new ideas arise and clans get used to a new and more competitive phase, but it’s now coming closer to it’s final stage. Last match day will be on March, 28th and then the best eight clans will have just over one week break, before they engage in their final clash.

The Grand Finals will have two phases, the first one played on Saturday, 8th of April, where the final four teams will be selected, and the second phase will be next day, April 9th but with a big twist, these games will be played on three Gaming Lounges across Portugal. The idea is to give an opportunity for players, from any region in Portugal, to meet up and play together, while they enjoy the spectacle of World of Tanks.

But, why should you care about LPWOT?

Maybe because your Community is trying to achieve the same, maybe you want to organize something similar or just because you want to know what is going on in different World of Tanks Communities. But what I wanted to show you is that LPWOT can be used an example of a great event created by players, for players using one of our favourite games, World of Tanks.

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